The globalists have declared that gas and all other pricing in the U.S. will continue to rise daily as long as Russians fight in Ukraine or the economy totally tanks, whichever comes first.

Should Russia ever stop its war against Ukraine, China already has the next pandemic waiting in the wings to ensure the downward-dog economy in America never ends. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has warned Americans that the war in Ukraine may force the new and improved next stage of lockdowns in the states and new, “stricter” and more comprehensive mask mandates.

President Biden, seen in Delaware recently riding his bike, expressed dissatisfaction with the Supreme Court’s recent recognition of states’ rights, as envisioned in the Constitution. For her part, Vice President Kamala Harris could not stop her obnoxious cackling long enough to speak a coherent sentence mimicking the expertise her boss has made famous while forgetting the year, where he is and which country he lives in.

To save the nation, Hillary Clinton, that infamous coup-plotting, evidence-destroying, phone smasher, may again throw her pointy-headed hat in the ring with yet another attempt to steal an election. Because no matter how many illegal, bone-headed strategies the left dreams up, Republicans persist in wishing and planning for better days for America and all Americans, and the left simply can’t have that.


Columbia, Maryland

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