Do Americans now see the obvious answer to the problem of active shooters (“‘Good Samaritan’ who killed mall gunman was authorized under Indiana’s constitutional carry law,” Web, July 18)? From Indiana comes the direct solution to a bad guy with a gun: a good guy with a gun. America would be safer if we told the socialists to sit down and be quiet, while trained citizens handled this problem.

As shown once again in Uvalde, Texas, law enforcement considers itself far too valuable to be lost trying to save school children. The same does not apply to Americans who really want to put an end to the slaughter that is useful only to socialist politicians.

If the leftist media would allow the truth to be told, Americans would learn that most armed citizens are at least as well trained as any cop, with only a very few exceptions. What’s more, they are righteous.

Shake off that “woke” nonsense and see the truth. The life that is saved may be yours.


Gainesville, Florida

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