In 1776 a conspiracy of brave, brilliant, erudite and serious men led the fight for America’s freedom and independence. Their ideas and ideals have “shaped the course of human events.” Fast forward almost two-and-a-half centuries, and America is witnessing another revolution. This one, however, is led by a conspiracy of dunces.

These dunces insist that men can have babies. They claim there is no difference between male and female athletes. They dictate that the lack of melanin in one’s skin is associated with a tendency to oppress and an abundance of melanin results in victimhood. They insist that masculinity is toxic. They are resolute in the notion that teaching math a certain way can be racist. They have created a list of pronouns that are asinine.

Only a dunce would believe such nonsense. These absurdities are not worthy of any type of discussion or debate, yet mature and sensible people waste their time with such disputations. The only response to this gibberish should be derision and mockery.

When my child was small, he thought there were goblins under his bed. I didn’t debate the issue; we looked under the bed. Isn’t it about time that we make these childish and silly “woke” types look under the bed? There is nothing there. We must dismiss them out of hand.


Annapolis, Maryland

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