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Politicians have long-used bully pulpits to peddle opinions and selective narratives to voters. This creates a marketplace of ideas that is extraordinarily beneficial to the furtherance of a healthy republic; the American people get to choose which issues rise to the top, and which settle at the bottom. 

But the Democrats, faced with a looming Election Day judgment from the American people, have allied themselves with the mainstream media in an unprecedented fashion to bring you a one-sided narrative of January 6th. The most palpable and relevant questions Americans have of that day will most assuredly not be answered by this partisan witch hunt. 

Cable news channels are crouched in a catcher-style position, eagerly anticipating performances sure to erupt from the select committee to investigate January 6th. Democrats anticipate wall-to-wall domination of television stations, praying the political narrative will shift before the November election. 

This is the third impeachment of Donald Trump, and it will fail like the rest because it is all manufactured drama driven by their partisan agenda. The left is nothing without Donald J. Trump, and if it means using Congress to get attention, the American people be damned. 
What the mainstream media and Democrats do not understand is that the nation wants Donald J. Trump now more than ever—because he actually delivered results and did the job House Democrats are ignoring. 

Gas has soared to an average of nearly five dollars per gallon. Baby formula is bountiful in almost every country except the United States. Food prices have skyrocketed, and Joe Biden’s foreign policy has cost thousands of lives, including thirteen American lives. The nation is floundering, and so are Biden’s poll numbers. 

The House Democrats’ distraction campaign will not change the fact that for four years, they have failed to lead. It will not distract the American people who may casually consume the hearings but then leave the TV and pay three figures just to fill up their cars. Lives, families, bank accounts, and Americans’ overall well-being are all far more important than the false, divisive narrative the Democrats will prop up on television.  

But since they are so hellbent on asking the “tough questions” about January the 6th, we have some questions of our own; questions I can guarantee with the utmost certainty will not be raised as long as the Democrats are in charge of the sham committee: 
Why was the Capitol Police so ill-prepared for January 6th? They had the intelligence days in advance. They knew what was going to happen. So why didn’t they act?

Why did the select committee alter text messages between Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows, leaving out paragraphs of clarifying information, to maliciously malign their actions? Did the original text not fit their narrative? What else has been altered? 

What did Nancy Pelosi know about the threat posed to the United States Capitol on the days leading up to January 6th, and why didn’t she fortify the capitol on one of the most historically consequential days in our nation’s history? 

Why has the committee not investigated the pipe bomb left outside the Republican Nation Committee?

Were any federal law enforcement officers or agents present in the crowd that day, and did they quell the crowd or incite them? 

Every one of these questions deserves to be answered during the January 6th Committee’s public hearings. But they will not be presented. Some, perhaps, could be dispelled quite quickly. But others may invite scrutiny and reveal a critical failure on behalf of Nancy Pelosi to prevent this sort of event from happening to the Capitol. 

Selective questioning from the left should not be shocking to the American people given the fact that the Democrats have demonstrated selective outrage at national events that only further their agenda. 

Would Democrats be so open and understanding if Republicans established a select committee to investigate the riots that besieged American cities for weeks during the 2020 lockdowns? Or a select committee to investigate Antifa violence, which has been designated by the Department of Justice as domestic terrorism? Or how about Hunter Biden’s art dealings and laptop, Hillary Clinton’s provocation of the fake Russia Hoax, or Joe Biden’s bloody withdrawal from Afghanistan? 

These are not fringe questions or events; they remain unsolved, uninvestigated, and unstudied by the current majority. As you watch the Democrats and RINOs on the select committee claw over each other to ask leading questions, pay attention to what’s not being asked, why it’s not being asked, and what, over the last four years, has not been investigated. 

The unasked questions may prove far more damning than those posed in the heat of theatrics. 

• Troy Nehls is an American politician and law enforcement officer who is the U.S. representative for Texas’s 22nd congressional district.

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