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President Joe Biden shook hands with President Xi Jinping in a luxury hotel resort in Indonesia — after which ol’ Joe showered so much love on the communist dictator-in-chief that the hallways filled with whispers of the proverbial “get a room” catcall.

Not really.

But just about.

Everybody was thinking it.

“As the leaders of our two nations, we share responsibility, in my view, to show that China and the United States can manage our differences, prevent competition from becoming anything ever near conflict, and to find ways to work together on urgent global issues that require our mutual cooperation,” Biden said to kick off the Group of 20 summit.

And from there, it was all downhill for America.

Here’s a question for the kiddies in the back of today’s socialist-run public schools: How does a free country “manage” “differences” with a dictatorial, freedom-sucking country?

That’s like looking for common ground between good and evil — between God and Satan. Good luck with that.

China’s communists aren’t listening to Uncle Joe’s “let’s all get along” remarks, smacking their foreheads in shows of epiphany and thinking, why, what a great idea — and all these years we’ve been rolling tanks over our people and grabbing ‘em in the dead of night for lives of imprisonment in work camps and reeducation programs, and instead, we could’ve simply found ways to “manage our differences.” What silly communists wabbits we were.

No. They’re thinking this: Joe, you ignorant slut.

They’re thinking of skits of America’s “Saturday Night Live” heydays, back when it was still funny and pertinent and — well, funny. And they’re thinking what a great time to take over America’s lead on the world stage.

What a great time to be a Chinese communist.

Xi, for his part, didn’t say all that publicly. Rather, he said only he’d hoped his communist comrades-in-arms could “chart the right course for the China-U.S. relationship” and that he was looking forward to a “candid and in-depth exchange of views” with Biden.

That’s code for “we got the money for Hunter’s artwork; now hand over the keys to America.”

And all the good Team Biden administrative officials go yes, Mr. Xi, OK, Comrade Xi, super-dee-duper Dignitary Xi.

Get a room!

This president isn’t just soft on communism. He’s outright enabling of communism. 

“FBI Possesses Significant, Impactful, Voluminous Evidence Of Potential Criminality In Biden Family Business Arrangements,” a headline from Sen. Chuck Grassley’s senatorial website read

It went on: “Grassley seeks specific records from FBI related to Biden deals with foreign nationals and companies connected to the communist Chinese regime.”

Unfortunately, key members of the FBI have been seen entering the same hotel room currently occupied by Biden and Xi. Translation?

America’s screwed.

Two more years of communist-enabling White House policy will be a massive hit on American freedoms. If youth are being conditioned to believe in the power of the collective and the racist, discriminatory, unfair and unjust condition of individualism — and the equally unjust model of capitalism — then the dream of American exceptionalism is fated to disappear. The root of American exceptionalism, the concept that rights come from God, not government, is fated to disappear.

Churches must rise or America will fall.

If communists ultimately want to become the god to the people — and they do; that indeed is their end game — then by logical extension the line of defense for American liberties is the church. 

Christians must rise, or America will fall.

Only God working through godly people with unwavering determinations to preserve American liberties and sovereignty can keep the communist enablers in this Biden administration from selling the USA down a CCP river.

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