Indicators of America’s dying society include social isolation, distrust among the population, a deterioration of the family unit, vile information censorship by a corrupt media, faltering educational standards and performance, group radicalization and an acceptance of voting fraud by a large swath of the population in both national and local elections.

The American people have lost respect for one another and have accepted ignorance of our history and what it means to be an American. 

Changes in the profile and demographics of the nation’s population are under way, as sponsored by corrupt politicians who ignore ubiquitous drug and alcohol use among youth while crime surges. Furthermore, obesity reigns as a lack of self-respect has become  commonplace. Profanity abounds among all societal strata. 

Homelessness is everywhere in major city centers. Pornography is presented as educational material in public schools. 

As all this and more continues without signs of abatement, we are approaching the precipice of collapse. The result will more than likely be region-governing entities and city-states.

Whether our so-called national leaders retain the ability to navigate us off our current path remains to be seen.


Terre Haute, Indiana

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