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Ulta Beauty recently faced a boycott after featuring Dylan Mulvaney, a trans woman, pontificating about what it means to be a girl in a recent promotional campaign. Who better to talk about girlhood than a person “AMAB”? (That’s “assigned male at birth” for you non-woke folk, because it’s apparently a slur now to reference science by saying the term “biological male.”)

As biological women ourselves, we are qualified experts on what it means to be women, and we find the viral TikToks that Dylan creates extraordinarily demeaning. Frolicking around in pleather skirts, referring to vaginas as “Barbie pouches,” and essentially reducing women to makeup and dresses hardly makes Dylan an expert on being a woman. And if you think this isn’t a political issue, you should know that President Biden recently hosted Dylan Mulvaney at the White House, because pandering (as opposed to inflation, our border, raging crime and international turmoil) is his and the Democrats’ highest priority.

When it comes to Dylan and other AMABs reducing women to little more than a caricature, don’t expect feminists to speak out about this anytime soon. We’ve been talking about this erasure of actual women as far back as 2016, when the Olympic committee approved new guidelines for transgender athletes. The writing was on the wall.

Liberal feminists are silent on this because they’re too busy defending their “right” to kill females that have yet to be born, especially those of color. Feminists have missed the fact that biological men are now invading women’s spaces, stealing college scholarships and coveted Olympic spots, and like Dylan, they’re full-on pretending to BE women.

Leftists aren’t just erasing women; they’re erasing science and scientific facts, and particularly in the case of transgender ideology, they are basing everything entirely on feelings. Wanna be a woman? Just feel like one, say it out loud, and poof, you’re a woman. And if anyone takes issue with your newfound womanhood? Well, they’re transphobic fascists, destined to be canceled, shunned and silenced.

Pushing trans ideology along with an outright rejection of science is only one aspect that we hope would push more and more women voters away from the Democratic Party as the midterms approach.

There’s also this bizarre obsession by the left to sexualize children. Most of us have seen the increasingly popular, adult-sponsored, “kid-friendly” drag shows pop up across the country — many of which are endorsed by Democrats. Imagine being a parent and thinking it’s perfectly acceptable to take your child to a drag show where a man dressed in skanky stripper attire is sexually gyrating to a song with the lyrics “Pussy good, pussy sweet, pussy good enough to eat.”

Parents who object to their children using puberty-blocking hormones and having their genitals mutilated are reported to Child Protective Services for not “affirming” their children’s gender identities. But drag shows where children stuff dollar bills into the thongs of grown men? Completely fine.

Thankfully, there are still parents with common sense who view this as patently inappropriate for children. The left seems hellbent on redefining what’s “normal” and they apparently won’t rest until the most deviant of behaviors aren’t just accepted but are celebrated.  

We have seen this same culture shift with the semantics around abortion. In the interest of removing stigma and shame from the act of taking scissors to the spinal cords of living human beings in the womb, liberals use words like “women’s health care” and “bodily autonomy” and “reproductive rights” to assuage guilt and glorify what is actually a wildly barbaric act. The same thing is happening with some of our historically respected medical associations jumping on the “gender-affirming care” bandwagon.

What once was considered a mental disorder is now being held up as a brave lifestyle choice by Democrats. The parents who seek talk therapy to promote messages of self-love and self-acceptance for their gender-questioning kids are the weirdos — hormone therapy and genital surgery for the win!  Who cares that children aren’t physically, socially, or intellectually capable of making decisions about permanently mutilating themselves until their frontal lobes have fully developed around age 25? Even the New York Times reports that until around that age, “no matter how mature a person may seem otherwise, they’re still ruled by the amygdala: emotion, impulsivity, and an inability to fully comprehend the consequences of their actions. Good judgment is always elusive for young adults until the pre-frontal cortex is online and decisions are made there.”

Facts. Science. Truth. These are important things that once mattered to at least some rational people in the Democratic Party before they were overtaken by the woke, progressive Democrat agenda. Nov. 8 is an opportunity for rational-thinking adults, and in particular women and parents, to fiercely reject this progressive Democrat ideology, stand up for our womanhood, and most importantly, protect the most vulnerable among us — our children.

• Amy Jo Clark and Miriam Weaver host the “Chicks on the Right”  podcast, website and social media presence.

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