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Listen to Sunny Hostin, co-host of “The View,” and suburban white women who vote Republican are akin to “roaches voting for Raid.” Listen to Joe Biden, president of the United States, and those who question previous election results are inciting violence — except, apparently, if your name is Stacey Abrams or you’re a Democrat candidate for office or a Democrat voter. Listen to Barack Obama and those who live in small towns in Pennsylvania and small towns in the Midwest are angry and bitter because of the jobs’ situation and that makes them cling to guns and religion and turn anti-immigrant, anti-trade. Listen to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump supporters are nothing but deplorables. 

It’s the elitism that most stinks.

Calling out half-to-maybe-more-than-half of America’s citizenry as ignoramuses who need someone to tell them what to do and how to properly live their lives, and then setting up the Democrat Party as filled with just those sort of someones, is not smart politicking. It’s not even successful politicking. After all, we never did get that “Madame President” the pollsters oh-so-confidently predicted; moreover, we now face a red wave for House, Senate and gubernatorial seats that even the most ardent pro-Democrat water carriers in the press can’t deny.

So why do Democrats continue to express their elitist and arrogant views so openly? So — well, arrogantly?

Good question. Here’s the answer. They’re not so much political pragmatics as true believers in themselves. They honestly cannot accept the idea that Joe Truck Driver is an equal. They sneer at the notion Jane Homemaker in Hillbilly, U.S.A., could possibly understand how government works, how the economy works. They gasp at the image of a trailer dweller in the Deep South rising to the same level of success as a born and bred Yankee with pedigree degrees. Yet that’s American Exceptionalism; this is what a nation based on God-given liberties gives: All are created equal, endowed by God with unalienable rights. Here in America an individual is an individual is an individual. Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness is an inherent right of each, no matter the zip code.

This is what Democrats detest.

This is why leftists have to constantly mock and deride those who insist on limiting government’s powers and demanding the right to self-govern.

Democrats can’t control those who control themselves, who provide for themselves, who refuse to trade liberties for promises of security and comfort and equity.

If Democrats were better at hiding their hatred of God-given rights — at concealing even their hatred of God — then perhaps they’d be more successful at gathering followers in politics. As it is, the only way this modern batch of Democrats can win votes is by disguising their agendas; by deceiving the masses about the natural outcomes of their socialist-communist ways; by distracting from the truths of the economy, of transgender and LGBTQ evils, of public school propaganda, of Founding Fathers and the Constitution. The only way Democrats have even the slimmest of chances during elections is by redefining what it means to be a patriot, a Christian, a fine, upstanding American citizen; by downplaying the threat to election integrity; by stifling, silencing and censoring alternative viewpoints and thoughts.

And the only way Democrats can do all that while pretending they’re not is by slamming the other side — half-to-maybe-more-than-half of America — as an enemy of the state; an enemy of democracy.

They flout their arrogance and elitism to mask their deceptions and wicked designs.

“[Joseph] Stalin’s reputation as a ruthless master of deception remains intact,” The Guardian wrote in one 2003 headline.

That’s how the Democrats of today will be remembered, too. Obfuscators. Liars. Masters of deception. Arrogant, elitist and condescending. 

In other words: completely unfit for political service to the people.

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