- The Washington Times - Monday, October 10, 2022

The man who began the wiping out of the Indigenous populations of the Americas is more popular among Hispanics than America’s two top Democrats.

According to a poll released Monday, Christopher Columbus has a much higher favorability rating among the U.S. Hispanic population than President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

The poll conducted by WPA Intelligence for the nonprofit group Bienvenidoshowed Columbus with a net approval rating of +29.

The explorer from Genoa whose 1492 voyage to the West Indies began European colonization and domination of the Americas was viewed favorably by 53% of Hispanics, versus just 24% who viewed him unfavorably.

Both Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris were viewed favorably in net by Hispanics, but by significantly slimmer margins. Mr. Biden had a net rating of +7 (49% favorable; 42% unfavorable), and Ms. Harris of +4 (45% favorable; 41% unfavorable).

Those numbers — far below Columbus’ popularity though they are — are still better than Mr. Biden’s recent survey numbers with other U.S. ethnic groups.

The survey of 1,086 U.S. Hispanics was taken Oct. 4-6.

The poll was released on Columbus Day, which is viewed in some liberal and leftist quarters as a celebration of conquest and genocide.

Indeed, the Indians of North and South America suffered a catastrophic demographic collapse after the arrival of Europeans in the New World, led by Spain, Portugal and Britain — significantly from conquest and violence, but also from disease.

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