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A fine book on Rush Limbaugh

Is there still a must-read for Republicans and conservatives out there? The answer is yes — and it can be found in a handsome book that will resonate with the millions of people who listened to the talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh each day.

“Radio’s Greatest of All Time: Rush Limbaugh” has arrived from Threshold Editions, the conservative imprint of Simon and Schuster.

Come to think of it, those who did not listen to the daily cavalcade of precise and telling insight, facts, humor and cultural commentary could benefit as well.

This is a generous and weighty book in more ways than one — spanning 512 pages and loaded with personal photographs, transcripts of Limbaugh’s shows plus unique personal recordings made by his wife Kathryn Adams Limbaugh shortly before his untimely death in 2021.

“I know so many of you are deeply missing your friend on the radio, the unwavering, optimistic voice of Rush. There are no words to fill the void — he is simply irreplaceable,” she writes in a heartfelt introduction.

In his time behind the microphone, Limbaugh was heard on 650 radio stations around the nation and drew a devoted audience of 30 million weekly listeners. The book itself emerged as a top-10 “most sold” list on Amazon before it was even published.

Political commentator and brother David Limbaugh offered personal insights. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, former President Donald Trump and former HUD Secretary Ben Carson are among those who also contributed personal tributes in this meticulous history of Limbaugh’s 30-year trajectory through the often unforgiving world of media and politics.

There is also a note from the 40th U.S. president.

‘Thanks for all you’re doing to promote Republican and conservative principles. Now that I’ve retired from active politics, I don’t mind that you’ve become the number one voice for conservatism in our country,” Ronald Reagan advised Limbaugh in a 1992 note.

“I know the liberals call you ‘the most dangerous man in America,’ but don’t be sorry about it; they used to say the same thing about me. Keep up the good work! America needs to hear ‘the way things ought to be,’” Reagan said.

In addition, there is a website of note to visit, found at OfficialRushLimbaugh.com.


Many analysts say the midterm elections will be a close bout between Republicans and Democrats, swayed by the motivation and enthusiasm among voters themselves. One pollster has uncovered another factor that could also influence voter engagement that could sway the outcome.

“With the overall midterm preferences of registered voters closely divided, nearly identical majorities of voters for candidates in both parties say they are ‘extremely’ or ‘very’ motivated to vote in the midterms; 80% of Republican backers say they are highly motivated, as do 79% of Democratic backers,” the Pew Research Center said in a new analysis.

“However, Republican voters are far more likely than Democratic voters to say they have ‘given a lot of thought’ to the upcoming congressional elections (49% vs. 38%),” the findings revealed.

There’s another little edge that just may come into play as well as the election looms.

“Overall, 65% of registered voters say it ‘really matters’ which party wins control of Congress, including 76% of those who support Republican candidates and 72% of those who support Democrats,” Pew Research noted.

The survey of 3,993 registered U.S. voters was conducted Oct. 10-16.


Fox News will host a town hall Tuesday evening with Ohio U.S. Senate candidates Rep. Tim Ryan, a Democrat, and Republican J.D. Vance before a live audience of Ohio voters.

The meeting will be moderated by chief political anchor Bret Baier and “The Story” anchor Martha MacCallum. The place is Columbus and the time is 6 to 7 p.m. Eastern.


Immigrants continue to arrive over the southern U.S. border. What are the implications? Here’s a noteworthy comparison.

“President Biden’s Department of Homeland Security welcomed a foreign population at the United States-Mexico border in fiscal year 2022 that exceeds the populations of 15 states,” observes John Binder, a Breitbart News reporter who has done the math.

The agency “has overseen the largest inflow of illegal immigration in a single fiscal year with more than 2.2 million border crossers and illegal aliens having arrived at the southern border from October 1, 2021, to September 20, 2022,” he writes.

Mr. Morgan also notes that former Customs and Border Protection chief Mark Morgan — now a visiting fellow at The Heritage Foundation — describes this trend as unprecedented and says it risks a “major catastrophe” for the nation.

“The record-breaking level of illegal immigration” in one year is more than the resident populations of Wyoming, Vermont, Alaska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Delaware, Montana, Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire, Hawaii, West Virginia, Idaho, Nebraska and New Mexico.


• 68% of U.S. adults support legalizing the possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use; 48% of conservatives, 77% of moderates and 88% of liberals agree.

• 54% overall say legalizing marijuana “would not have an impact on the numbers of other drug crimes”; 44% of conservatives, 63% of moderates and 57% of liberals agree.

• 54% overall say alcohol use is more dangerous for people to use than marijuana; 38% of conservatives, 55% of moderates and 79% of liberals agree.

• 45% overall say tobacco is more dangerous to use than marijuana; 26% of conservatives, 50% of moderates and 68% of liberals agree.

• 43% overall say the use of marijuana in the U.S. is “not really a problem” in the U.S.; 29% of conservatives, 47% of moderates and 60% of liberals agree.

SOURCE: A Monmouth University Polling Institute survey of 808 U.S. adults conducted Oct. 13-17.

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