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For the last several weeks, the nation watched the trial of accused Waukesha, Wisconsin, massacrer Darrell Brooks, who chose to defend himself in court despite overwhelming evidence against him. He attacked the victims, claimed it was an act of God and finally closed by arguing the court lacked jurisdiction over the case. 

His arguments ranged from the appalling to the ridiculous, and he was convicted of six counts of first-degree intentional homicide.

In the waning days of the 2022 midterm election campaign, Democrats across the country have taken a page out of his playbook.

At the White House, the president, in an interview with a man who thinks he’s a little girl, endorsed the mutilation and sterilization of children using puberty-blockers and gender transition surgery. In the same interview, he falsely claimed his student loan welfare scheme was passed by Congress. 

This week, President Biden suggested that the size of airline seats was racist. The Pentagon has also announced taxpayers will foot the bill for service members who need to travel for abortions.

In New York, Gov. Kathy Hochul in her one and only debate with her rising opponent, GOP Rep. Lee Zeldin, asked out loud why crime “mattered so much” to her opponent. As if that wasn’t ridiculous enough, Mrs. Hochul also backed masking children again this flu season, saying the masks are cute and kids like them.

Mayor Eric Adams, a Democrat, doubled down on firing nearly 1,500 city cops, teachers and other workers by vowing to appeal a state Supreme Court ruling that tossed out the city’s nonsensical vaccine mandate.

In Oklahoma, Democrat gubernatorial candidate Joy Hoffmeister came out against school choice programs, despite the fact that she went to a private school. When faced with the wrath of the teachers unions, blatant hypocrisy is no big deal.

Test scores are in the tank nationwide, parents are outraged and Democrats from coast to coast, along with deep staters like Dr. Anthony Fauci, are trying to rewrite history. In Minnesota, Gov. Tim Walz gets an F for claiming that 80% of his state’s students missed fewer than 10 days of school during the pandemic even though they were in school less than half of the 2020-2021 school year. Apparently, history is as fungible as gender.

In the “solution in search of a problem department,” Vice President Kamala Harris announced a $1 billion initiative to buy electric school buses to lure voters this week. Who that motivates to the polls is about as much of a mystery as how her speechwriter keeps his job.

After a disastrous debate performance that began with him wishing everyone “good night” and got worse from there, Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman has refused to back off his leftist positions that protect criminals. He’s even recently campaigned with Democrats who openly supported the “defund the Police” movement.

In New Hampshire, Sen. Maggie Hassan dug deep into the ancient liberal playbook of accusing her opponent, two-time Purple Heart recipient Gen. Don Bolduc of threatening Social Security and Medicaid. She’s chosen that approach over telling Granite State voters how she’d reduce energy prices spiking 30% in New England this winter.

Of course, Democrats apparently think that taxpayer-funded late-term abortion on demand is top of mind for voters. Candidates have doubled down on an abortion policy akin to that of communist China.

Democrats continue to stay silent or even promote drag shows for kids, pornography in school libraries, and boys playing on girls’ athletic teams. Their obsession with upending societal norms is unpopular with Latinos, yet there’s no movement from national Democrats away from the agenda.

This week, Republican Rep. Mayra Flores’ membership in the Congressional Latino Caucus was rejected because apparently Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s apparatchiks believe, you can’t be Republican and Latino at the same time.

Transparent obfuscation and a staggering disconnect with the public have become the calling card of the Democratic Party in 2022. Instead of focusing on issues Americans actually care about they continue to rely on a perverse combination of distraction and incompetence, just as Brooks did in his criminal trial.

But just as Brooks‘ courtroom theatrics failed to impress a jury in his criminal trial, the Democrats’ attempts at changing the narrative will lead to a stinging verdict from the American people this November.
• Tom Basile is the host of “America Right Now” on Newsmax TV, an author and a former Bush administration official.

Correction: In a previous version of this column, Darrell Brooks‘ name was misspelled.

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