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Former Hunter Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski says questions need to be asked of a top former FBI official who was involved in leading the investigation into the president’s son and resigned from the agency while under scrutiny.

Mr. Bobulinski, a Navy veteran and the former head of SinoHawk Holdings,  described as a partnership between the CEFC Chinese energy conglomerate and James and Hunter Biden, appeared on Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson Tonight on Tuesday.

He described during the interview how he handed over allegedly incriminatory information about the first son’s business deals that involved the president’s brother, James Biden, Chinese and other foreign interests, and reportedly President Biden himself.  

 A top official in the Washington field office whom he said led the investigation never bothered to follow up with him after Mr. Bobulinski met with FBI investigators, and the official resigned from the agency recently.

After The Washington Times first reported in late August that assistant special agent in charge Timothy Thibault, who dodged interviewing Mr. Bobulinski about Hunter Biden, had resigned from the bureau after accusations by Republicans of anti-Trump bias, a flood of FBI whistleblowers came forth to Congress, with some describing political bias at the FBI.

“It sounds like they’re coming out of the woodwork, and I think it will continue to accelerate and, apparently, a variety of these whistleblowers claim that Tim Thibault was suppressing facts,” Mr. Bobulinski said.  “I’m in Europe traveling, and I called my lawyers and I ask, ‘Why haven’t I been called in front of a grand jury? This makes no sense to me.’ They said they were going to follow up within a week and do follow-up interviews.”

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Mr. Bobulinski says Mr. Thibault never met with him face-to-face despite telling his lawyers that he would follow up with him, after Mr. Bobulinski spent five hours talking to six federal agents in Washington D.C. about his business dealings just days before the 2020 presidential election.

“They were supposed to be working a follow-up interview, and Tim Thibault, in his last discussion with my legal counsel was like ‘Listen, we know Tony‘s cooperating. We appreciate all the information he‘s provided. We will follow up with you. We’re definitely going to have them come in for a follow up interview or spend some more time on this.’ And I haven’t heard from him since.”

“I was trying to respect the Department of Justice, but then when you hear the person that you’re told was assigned to run point on 1000s of documents, and text messages and calendars and travel and all that just walked out of the FBI headquarters in DC, you gotta start asking questions.”

He said during the interview that he decrypted subtle word choices by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg from his interview with UFC commentator and podcaster Joe Rogan.

 He also explained how it reportedly showed the FBI must have known how harmful his information on the Biden family was to Mr. Biden when he was running for the White House.

Mr. Zuckerberg told Mr. Rogan earlier in the year that FBI officials cautioned Facebook executives about “a lot of Russian propaganda in the 2016 election” and to be on notice “there’s about to be some kind of dump — that’s similar to that, so just be vigilant.”

“He used the word ‘dump,’ right? He said the FBI beat us [to] that a dump might be coming. They didn’t say there might be a story. The FBI was well aware there was a laptop … well aware there were hundreds of thousands of emails and text messages and stuff like that,” Mr. Bobulinski said.

“The New York Post published a couple of emails trying to make the American public aware of it. But Mark Zuckerberg just casually said, oh, yeah, the FBI came to us and warned us of a dump,” he said, noting the company “throttled” the story’s reach across the platform.

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