There has long been considerable conversation surrounding God, country and family. After the election of Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, these matters have risen to the surface (“Giorgia Meloni baloney: She’s no ‘right-wing extremist,’” Web, Sept. 28).

The media immediately equates these three essential elements of existence to evil empires of the past. In truth, Benito Mussolini masqueraded as a populist fighter for his people when in fact he harnessed the power of private enterprise and the tyrannical state to manipulate, malign and murder the masses. Meloni is anything but a Mussolini; furthermore, she is a true populist who brings to light the best virtues of human nature and the most personal of institutions that embody who we are as individuals: God, country, and family.

In the United States, we are faced with tenuous times and we are forced to be titans of our age if we are to conquer communist China, the fascistic Russian Federation and our own plague of political polarization. This will require personal character, a Congress capable of reaching consensus and cohesive alliances willing to defeat dictatorship. Even more, it will demand personal faith, patriotic fervor,and powerful families.

In short, we will be forced us to embrace God, country and family if we are to survive. These cornerstones of human character should not scare anyone. They are not the pillars of fascism, but the principles of freedom.



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