President Biden is trying to defy reality once again by giving people with poor credit even bigger loans to default on (“GOP slams good-credit penalty for homebuyers, demands reversal of higher-rate rule,” web, April 27).

This is the face of equity in Mr. Biden’s America, where good behaviors are punished and bad behaviors are subsidized, even rewarded. In a school setting, Mr. Biden’s reality-denying edict would be the equivalent of shaving off a full letter grade from the hardworking student to give to the failing frat boy.

Those with good credit will now subsidize poor-credit borrowers without addressing the behaviors that make the latter group a greater loan risk. This folly was tried once before, when banks were encouraged to expand homeownership by cutting loans to people with poor credit and it crashed the housing market.

But in a world where boys can be girls, where the answer to rising crime is to defund the police, where tampon dispensers are seen as necessary in men’s bathrooms and where Biden’s answer to inflation is to print and spend even more money, why not?

Apparently even reality must yield to Mr. Biden while the rest of us are left dealing with the consequences. 


Mount Vernon, Virginia

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