When did it become acceptable for us to allow our First Amendment freedom of speech to be thrown down a deep, dark hole?

Twitter and Facebook allow us a forum to express ourselves — if the content meets with the companies’ approval. They don’t allow us to air our true feelings, just like many newspapers out there today. Meanwhile, curse words are the language of the world. We hear them in movies and TV, which emulate the way real people talk. But they dare not be put in writing on the aforementioned platforms because it isn’t proper.

Why do we have to be told how to speak by liberals and those who would use religion to guilt one into doing what they say? In my former world, the Marine Corps and law enforcement, playing nice with an enemy or being polite to a criminal got you killed or spat on — so the way we speak and act both make a difference.

We have become a society of mealy-mouthed weasels curtailed by liberals and woke miscreants who preach “Do as I say, not as I do.” This surely makes the Founding Fathers, who gave us the First Amendment, roll over in their graves.


Aiken, South Carolina 

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