- The Washington Times - Thursday, March 23, 2023

NEW YORK — Orange really is the new black.

You think you love Donald Trump in a blue suit, white shirt and red tie, canoodling an American flag on a giant stage while Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA” blasts over the loudspeakers?

Well, just wait until you see him in an orange prison jumpsuit — wearing gold-plated handcuffs that match the toilets in all his mansions.

The Donald is back! He’s still got it. 

Former President Donald Trump remains the greatest showman our political world has ever seen. Actually, he is the only real showman our political world has seen since the invention of television.

Anyone who dares to compete with him in that department suffers a terrible fate. Just ask Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, with his unremarkable-sized hands. Beware, Ron DeSantis, the ambitious and some say “sanctimonious” governor of Florida.

Most mortal politicians are entirely dedicated to the self-serving preservation of their political career. Specifically, they do not want to get arrested. Or go to jail.

Such ignominious detours usually prove devastating to one’s political career. Just ask Michael Avenatti, the next president of the United States, according to CNN. 

But Donald Trump is different, to put it mildly.

It has been months since he announced his campaign to recapture the White House. He announced early in order to clear the field.

The problem is that Mr. Trump is impatient. And now he has to wait nearly two years before he can win his next election. 

So he prowls the grounds of Mar-a-Lago, his East Coast Xanadu. He invites friends for moonlight dinners and poolside soirees. He huddles with his political advisers.

But, still. The. Clock. Ticks. Slowly.

This is no way to run a carnival, Mr. Trump broods. Look at the people! They are falling asleep in their seats! They’re trickling out the side doors! They’re checking their phones!

Mr. Trump feels like a caged lion, but he always knows that he — and he alone — is the carnival barker in charge of making this event spectacular. And it better damn well be entertaining!

Cue the fireworks! Blast the political pyrotechnics! Shoot the lights out!

“Let’s get arrested!” Mr. Trump announces.

And, with just one little tweet, tapped out in all caps with his powerful thumbs, Mr. Trump put on a spectacular show.

For going on a week now, Mr. Trump has commanded the political world. Barricades went up around the Capitol and along Fifth Avenue here in New York, where Mr. Trump is being pursued by a ridiculous local prosecutor who has to step over dead bodies in his own district so that he can score silly political points against the former — and possibly future — president of the United States.

A million memes and “deepfakes” sprouted around the internet this week, showing Mr. Trump running from police like some kind of gangster outlaw. Finally apprehended and hauled to jail. Former first lady Melania visiting him in prison.

Mr. Trump vows to show up for the perp walk. He will demand police bracelets.

Move over, Bill and Hillary Clinton. Meet the new Bonnie and Clyde of politics. The real Bonnie and Clyde of politics.

The political press, which has vowed to ignore Mr. Trump this time so that he doesn’t get reelected — fell for it once again like a lonely, desperate, abused ex-girlfriend.

“Oops, I did it again!” as Britney Spears might say.

They have learned nothing. 

The geniuses in the political press think these memes and deepfakes of Mr. Trump running from the law and in prison are created and peddled by Mr. Trump’s enemies. That’s why social media companies allow them to thrive, despite being so much “disinformation.” 

But the truth is, these memes and deepfakes of Mr. Trump are the celebrations of his most ardent supporters, rooting for the outlaw on the run against the evil establishment. The Man.

Once again, the political press is blinded by Trump Derangement Syndrome. It is their terminal illness. Remission is not possible. Resistance is futile.

They are his drones and always will be. Even if he ends up in prison.

• Charles Hurt is the opinion editor at The Washington Times.

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