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Government authorities in the eastern Chinese city of Wenzhou have ordered parents to sign an atheist pledge as a condition of keeping their kids in kindergarten.

This is where Democrats in America will soon go. Democrats’ gods are trees and rivers and government bureaucrats. They don’t want the real God interfering with their fake idols of climate change and communism and science and self.

Remember this?

“A rare moment of dissension at the Democratic National Convention,” NPR host Neal Conan recounted in 2012. “After a routine adoption of the party platform … critics pointed out that document omitted any mention of the word God and did not identify Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.”

Following the backlash, Democrats voted on an amendment to add back “God” and Jerusalem as Israel’s capital — and after a tumultuous three votes, the chairman, Antonio Villaraigosa, finally gave it to the “ays.” But it was a toss-up.

“When Villaraigosa announced ‘the ays have it,’” ABC News wrote in 2012, “loud boos erupted across the arena.”

Booing God.

It’s become the Democrats’ signature issue.

“[Data] shows that Democrats are significantly less religious by any objective measure of the term compared to their Republican counterparts,” Religion Unplugged wrote in a piece called “Why Democrats Are Less Religious Than Republicans” published in January.

According to this study, 12% of Republicans in 2008 claimed no religious affiliation; by contrast, 28% of Democrats said similarly. The gap has widened through the years. In 2021, roughly 45% of Democrats referred to themselves as “nones” — meaning, no particular religious affiliation — versus 19% of Republicans who said the same.

Maybe that’s why Democrats are so vehement about yanking God from public schools.

“To oppose school choice, Democrats attack religious freedom,” the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs wrote in January in reference to a couple of bills filed by Dems that would require private schools to operate under the same laws and regulations as public schools and that would restrict the religious activities that could be conducted in private schools — including prayer.

Coach Joseph Kennedy, the fired Seattle high school coach, has brought the issue of praying in public schools front and center once again, winning his recent U.S. Supreme Court case and righting a wrong driven by historical revisionists and angry secularists and atheists that demanded total separation of faith from public venues. Then just a few days ago, he won nearly $1.76 million in settlement fees from the school district that fired him for praying.

You know the leftists who have taken over the Democratic Party are seething.

As left-leaning Justice Sonya Sotomayor wrote in her ridiculous dissent: “It elevates one individual’s interest in personal religious exercise, in the exact time and place of that individual’s choosing, over society’s interest in protecting the separation between church and state, eroding the protections for religious liberty for all.”

Separation of church and state — it’s the go-to phrase for Democrats whenever God dares appear on a public stage.

Nebraska’s state Rep. Megan Hunt, a Democrat, just brought forth a bill to ban minors from what she called “religious indoctrination camps” — her particular phrase for vacation Bible schools and summer camps with Christian themes. Why? She wanted to offset Republican-driven legislation to ban sexually charged drag queens from performing in front of children.

She’s not the only Democrat defending lewd performances for little kids.

She’s not the only Democrat campaigning to keep outrageously inappropriate books on oral sex and gay sex and transgenderism in public schools, in libraries for little kids.

Far too many leftists in America would like to see today’s children raised in environments that are devoid of anything spiritual, all things God.

As China goes, so would these Democrats like America to go, as well.

“China is punishing children for believing in God and belonging to religious groups — even banning children from entering a church — to force them into a ‘correct worldview,” Christian Freedom wrote in October of 2020.

“China gov’t now using schools to promote atheism,” Uganda Christian News wrote in February of 2021.

“Local Chinese authorities order parents at school to sign pledge renouncing their faith,” Catholic News Agency wrote on March 23.

That last story states, in part: “In another crackdown on religious freedom, local authorities in [Wenzhou] ordered parents of kindergarteners to sign a pledge that affirms they are not religious.”

Specifically, the pledge states that parents “do not hold a religious belief, do not participate in any religious activities, and do not propagate and disseminate religion in any locations,” and that they instead are beholden to the Chinese Communist Party way.

Democrats in America may not openly admit it. They may instead slyly paint conservative Christians and patriotic defenders of the faith as “Christian nationalists” — as if the term were derogatory. They might instead slander Bible believers and Bible teachers as homophobes, as racists, as misogynists. They might even try and investigate believing members of the military as terrorists or would-be terrorists. And they might do all that while using their equally secular friends in the media as megaphones for their deceptive and wicked narratives.

But in the end, Democrats — the leftists in the Democratic Party, which is the say the leftists who’ve taken over the Democratic Party, which is to say the Democratic Party as a whole — in the end, Democrats would like nothing better than to one day force parents in America to sign the same sort of any-religious pledges as conditions of keeping their kids in public schools.

The Democratic Party in America is indeed socialist and communist in all but name.

Godlessness is a guiding party principle. And it won’t be long before that godlessness is turned into an open embrace, something parents must adhere to with a signature.

“In the first ten days of March this year … two kindergartens [in Longwan district] issued a ‘Pledge Form of Commitment for Family Not To Hold Religious Belief,’” China Aid wrote.

And the majority of America’s Democrats look at that and inwardly think: What a great idea.

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