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ORLANDO, Fla. — Voters who wear their faith on their sleeves are looking for the next president to set religious freedom as a priority — and they don’t mind the next commander-in-chief being open about belief in God, either.

Move over, Bill Clinton; today’s phrase is now “it’s the religious freedom, stupid.”

There’s a reawakening of Founding Father forces taking place and after eight years of socialist-slash-Marxist Barack Obama, followed by a brief reprieve of America First Donald Trump, only to be depressed by another Obama term called Feckless Joe Biden — it’s high time for the God-given individualism to take front and center.

America was a country founded on the concept of rights coming from God and government only implemented as a protector of those individual rights. The country’s moved from that guiding light and the only way back — the only permanent way back to a country where liberties sing loudly — is by first, waging the proper war and second, winning the proper war.

The war in America has always been over God-given liberties. All roads lead to that fight. Parental rights being stripped by education boards? Ultimately, it’s due to the failure of education bureaucrats to recognize the God-given authorities of parents over their children.

Stimulus checks from the government driving up the deficit while changing the mindset of the culture to disdain hard work and rather demand tax-paid entitlements? It’s due to the failure of the population to honor the God-given seeds of talent that are bestowed to every one of His children — talents that are then to be used by each individual for personal self-esteem and success, for the betterment of society and ultimately, for the glory of God.

Transgenders running roughshod over the rights of children to be safe and secure in their own bodies — in their dressing rooms and changing rooms and bathrooms — in their dignity and worth as human beings? It’s due to the utter disregard of God’s domain, that is to say, God’s creation and determination of sex, and that is to say, God’s definition of male and female. It’s due to the mocking of God-given gender, of God-ordained male and female.

Climate change radicals trying to run lives, from cradle to grave, and pushing to control human activities, all of them, all the time, from driving a car to building a home to starting a business to walking along the beach? It’s due to the replacement of God with nature and to the leftist lust to control, seize power and dictate, to mandate, regulate and implement total top-down rules on the peon class — which is to say, everyone but the select few billionaires of the world and their special picks. 

All roads lead to God-given rights versus government-granted privileges.

All roads, really, lead to God.

If America, a country founded on God-given individualism, can’t keep God at the forefront of society — yes, even in the highest offices of the land; even in the White House — then how is it expected that the notion of God-given liberties will last? It’s not. And that’s why liberties have faded in recent years. Those who understand the concept of God-given rights have failed to fight to keep God at the helm. Those who know best have failed the country.

It’s time for the turning.

Apparently, faith voters agree.

According to a recent poll from Trafalgar Group and Convention of States Action, nearly 86% of faith voters believe it’s important that Americans feel free to express their religious views on social media and elsewhere in the news; almost 74% say they are more likely to support a 2024 presidential candidate who openly expresses a personal faith; and almost 56% of voters overall — not just the faith voters, but all voters — say the same: They’re more likely to support a 2024 presidential candidate who’s bold in an expression of religious belief.

“These results show that religious freedom is not only a top-of-mind issue for voters … but a defining issue that will shape their vote in the primary elections,” said Mark Meckler, president of the Convention of States, in a written release.

Good news for Christians — yes. 

But that’s even better news for all of America. 

A country formed on a foundation of God must keep God very much visible in society, or else face the filling of this void with something else. In America, that void has been too often filled by government. 

If we don’t want the left to push America more into socialism, more toward communism, more toward collectivism and away from individualism, then electing a president who understands God-given rights and who openly, unashamedly speaks of a creator who gives those rights is a big step in the right direction.

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