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“Fox News Sunday” host Shannon Bream is known for thoughtfully tackling the political and cultural issues of the day. But she’s also been a consistently faithful voice, sharing her Christian beliefs and the power she sees in Scripture.

Ms. Bream told The Washington Times’ Higher Ground the roots of her faith were set when she was a small child. After her parents divorced, her family faced struggles — yet fellow Christians and family stepped up to the plate to help.

“[We had] some really difficult circumstances … really at the edges of, ‘Where are we going to eat? Where are we going to live?’” she said. “And we had people who came around us. My grandparents were a huge influence, stepping in and caring for us in that time, but also the church community.”

Ms. Bream said her mother began working at a Christian school and the affiliated church became like “another family” for her and her mom.

As a result, the Bible became part of Ms. Bream’s everyday life.

“I was being poured into, and she was too, all the time — scripture and lessons,” Ms. Bream said. “And so it was woven into everything that we talked about and everything that we did; it really became our community.”

That faith journey only intensified once Ms. Bream reached middle school, leading her on a long road toward embracing Christianity. It’s a journey she has increasingly leaned into over the years.

“I think God can teach us through good and difficult seasons,” she said. “And even when I’ve been unfaithful or walked away, or … gotten into sin, or done things that I deeply regret, [God] never moved. He’s always waiting there with that unconditional love for us to come back.”

Ms. Bream also told Higher Ground about how she has persevered to overcome struggles, and why she wrote her most recent book, “The Love Stories of the Bible Speak: Biblical Lessons on Romance, Friendship, and Faith.”

It’s a text Ms. Bream said is filled with “beautiful love stories” from the Bible. She’s hoping her own legacy — as well as the book’s — is one of simply pointing people back to God.

“Just pointing people to Jesus, being the best vessel I could for him,” she said. “I am flawed. I am a sinner, saved by his grace.” Ms. Bream concluded, “Each of these gift books has been a gift to me to better understand God and his love for us and his plan for us. So, if there’s any legacy, I hope it’s just Jesus.”

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