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Illustration on the romance between Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

A new look at a forbidden romance

If Sally Hemings were still with us, she would be the poster child of the #MeToo movement. Such speculation is the stuff of revisionist presidential history, and a new exhibit at Monticello humanizes, for better or worse, the portrait of Thomas Jefferson the slaveowner.

Last Hope Before Election Illustration by Greg Groesch/The Washington Times

The politics behind separation anxiety

Need proof that the current controversy over children of undocumented immigrants is more political than humanitarian? Hillary Clinton said she was “adamantly against illegal immigrants” and supported a border wall until she ran for president in 2016.

Senate Minority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer of N.Y., center, arrives to speak to a large group of protesters rally against the Senate Republican healthcare bill on the East Front of the Capitol Building in Washington, Wednesday, June 28, 2017. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Toward competition and cost constraints

Earlier this month, Michigan became the sixth state since 2015 to repeal its “prevailing wage” mandate, which requires that publicly funded construction projects pay wages determined by the government that are anything but “prevailing.”

Building the Deal with South Korea Illustration by Greg Groesch/The Washington Times

Building the deal with North Korea

The first pundit responses to President Donald Trump’s agreement with Kim Jong-un for the denuclearization of North Korea have leaned heavily on a series of inept comparisons with President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran. The differences are as stark as they are important.

Illustration on mortgages and the new tax law by Linas Garsys/The Washington Times

Paying off the mortgage, but not too quickly

The new tax law simplifies April 15. Many folks will be claiming new higher standard deductions instead of itemizing mortgage interest and the like, but folks should not rush to pay off their home loans.

Cal Three Illustration by Greg Groesch/The Washington Times

California’s 3-state solution

Bored billionaire Tim Draper has finally gathered enough signatures to make his proposal of separating California into three states an unfortunate possibility this coming November.

Illustration on self-defense and banning "weapons" by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

In defense of self-defense

I refuse to be a victim. So do scores of other Americans who own rifles, shotguns, handguns and other defensive weapons in order to protect themselves and their families.

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A practitioner of advocacy journalism looks back

If Seymour Hersh received a report card in kindergarten, I'd be willing to bet that he flunked "plays well with other children." He is by his own admission egotistical, arrogant and not a team player. He has left almost every publication, including one he founded, under some kind of a cloud of controversy. Consequently, his memoir "Reporter" makes very interesting reading, and I found it compelling.

U.S. President Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally, Wednesday, June 20, 2018, in Duluth, Minn. (AP Photo/Jim Mone)

Trump cools the hysteria

The mamas are happy. The papas are happy. Best of all, the little children (and some big ones) are happy. Most of the rest of us are happy. Only Sen. Chuck Schumer and Democratic congressional candidates have mixed feelings about President Trump's executive order prohibiting the separation of children from their parents arrested for illegally crossing the border from points south.

Left cares about winning, not kids

On a daily basis, America's so-called "family courts" separate hundreds to thousands of children from their fathers without so much as a peep from the Democratic left -- in fact, they created the separation laws. In contrast, the separation of illegal-immigrant children from their fathers (and mothers) is met with howls and screeches heard across the land ("Democrats in no rush to help Trump, GOP clean up family separation mess," Web, June 19).

Project won't harm Mount Vernon

Dominion Energy has long been a major supporter of Mount Vernon. As such, it was disheartening to see a complete falsification of the purpose of one of our energy infrastructure projects and its potential impact on this historic icon and nearby community ("When energy and commercial development clash," Web, June 7).

Kelly Oubre Jr., right, poses for photos with NBA Commissioner Adam Silver after being selected 15th overall by the Atlanta Hawks during the NBA basketball draft, Thursday, June 25, 2015, in New York. Oubre was traded on draft night to the Washington Wizards (AP Photo/Kathy Willens) **FILE**

SNYDER: NBA shows less is more with draft, unlike NFL counterpart

A couple of months ago, the NFL unleashed an unprecedented amount of broadcast coverage for its annual draft, flooding the airwaves of ESPN, NFL Network, Fox and ABC, while airing every round on network TV for the first time. Thank goodness the NBA doesn't take the same approach. The league's draft begins -- and ends -- on Thursday.