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Joe Louis. (National Portrait Gallery)

The septuagenarian smackdown

- The Washington Times

This won’t be “the thrilla in Manila,” or the “rumble in the jungle,” but “two clowns in a septuagenarian smackdown” should do more for the sweet science of boxing than anything since the two Joe Louis-Max Schmeling fights on the eve of World War II.

Illustration on advice for reforming the State Department by Linas Garsys/The Washington Times

Some advice for Mike Pompeo

Rex Tillerson was doomed from the start as secretary of State in attempting to transform the organization by making it leaner and more agile. Few would doubt that State badly needed some transformation to continue into the 21st century, but Mr. Tillerson chose the wrong model for reform and transformation. Mr. Tillerson’s designated successor, Mike Pompeo, would do well to consider some successful government transformational models that have worked.

The U.S.-Ukrainian strategic partnership

With Vladimir Putin’s recent declaration that Russia has developed very sophisticated hypersonic intercontinental missiles, he has not abandoned aggressive action at the lower spectrum of warfare. Russia’s apparent nerve agent attack in the U.K. is the latest and most brazen in a long list of hybrid warfare against Western democracies.

Illustration on the strategic importance of supporting the Kurds by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

Why America must help the Kurds in Syria

In recent days, the situation has deteriorated dramatically for the Kurds in Syria. According to Kurdish sources, more than 200,000 Kurds have been displaced within the past week and several hundred Kurds have been killed as Turkey and its Syrian allies take over Afrin.

More than a wake-up call for the GOP

The Pennsylvania 18th Congressional District was more than a wakeup call for House Republicans. Unless the GOP changes its posture on achieving fairness as well as growth in the economy and its relationship with President Trump, it’s doomed to a terrible shellacking in November — the kind Democrats endured in the midterm elections of 1994 and 2010.

In this Dec. 15, 2017, file photo, former Secretary of State and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks to the GirlsBuildLA Leadership Summit in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Reed Saxon) ** FILE **

A bitter Hillary Clinton strikes again

Hillary Clinton has not had a good week. In the aftermath of her trip to India and awful comments about Americans and women in particular, most of her allies and Democrats in general were explicit that it was time for her to leave the political arena. The shorter message from Democrats to Mrs. Clinton was “shut up and go away.”

Illustration on the upcoming meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong-un by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

A just resolution of the North Korean conflict

President Donald Trump’s bold decision to accept the invitation of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un for a meeting was unprecedented. Although this will be the first meeting of a sitting president with a North Korean leader, it follows a series of temporary successes the U.S. has had with North Korea during the past 25 years.

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Wounded by war and saved by a bookstore

Through the window of a bookstore lies the panorama of the dark world of Gina Perini, who has suffered rape, assault and torture and survived.

Women's March anti-Semitic

The Women's March movement should be condemned for failing to immediately oust and sever ties with three of its most prominent leaders — Tamika Mallory, Carmen Perez and Linda Sarsour — who publicly supported Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan following a Feb. 25 speech in which he called Jews "Satanic" ("Women's March under fire over links to Nation of Islam's Louis Farrakhan, anti-Semitism," Web, March 7).

'Earth Hour' waste of time

Tomorrow's "Earth Hour" is completely futile. Thinking something can be achieved with a one-hour gesture is pure hubris. The whole purpose of the exercise is to make us more environmentally aware, which is somewhat esoteric. Wouldn't it be of more benefit to actually target problems that significantly affect the lives of millions, including famine, homelessness, poverty and disease? If environmentalists believe the planet is under some dire threat from fossil-fuel emissions, why don't they keep their lights off permanently?

Gun control's snaky sneak into omnibus

- The Washington Times

Lawmakers in the Republican-led Congress managed to sneak into the $1.3 trillion omnibus that's due for passage this week a measure that strengthens background checks on gun buyers. And what's worse -- what's the bigger 'diss to voters and the constitutional process -- is that the gun control provision is one and the same as a bill that previously stalled in Congress.

National security adviser H.R. McMaster waves as he walks into the West Wing of the White House in Washington, Friday, March 16, 2018. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Report: Capitol Hill Repubs sick and tired of White House leaks

- The Washington Times

Between the outrageous and dangerous leak revealing secret details of President Trump's telephone call with Vladimir Putin or Wednesday's flurry of leaks about the behind-the-scenes negotiations over the omnibus spending bill, it's clear that Chief of Staff John Kelly has not plugged the leaks in the West Wing.

Stormy Daniels   Associated Press photo

Stormy weather over the White House

It's difficult to have a reasonable conversation about sexual mores in the Age of Trump. We could start with the "Access Hollywood" tape, made in 2005 when Donald Trump was the star of a different kind of reality show than the one he's the star of now. His vulgar boasts about how to seduce women did not prevent his election as president.