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Use tech for border wall

The president is on the right track pushing ahead with plans to build a wall to defend our border from illegal interlopers. However, he is way behind the times with his desire to physically “see through” the wall.

These weapons not ‘assault rifles’

I expect better of The Washington Times than to blindly repeat the liberal myth that stores are selling “assault weapons” (“Outdoors stores quietly continue to sell assault weapons,” Web, March 13). Military select-fire assault weapons such as the M16, and M4 are by definition capable of firing “fully automatic” (i.e., emptying the entire clip with one press of the trigger). Virtually no gun stores sell these; the few “Class III” dealers who are allowed to do so require a special federal license and a personal recommendation from the local chief of police.

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Concealed-carry for schools

I believe we should do everything possible to keep killers out of our schools. But even if our best efforts fail (and they will), we need a last line of defense to protect the children. That last defense, I believe, should be a concealed carry program (CCP). A few well-qualified volunteers (staff or teachers) would be authorized to carry concealed weapons following thorough background screenings and proper training. This training should include initial certifications on a firing range and recertification every six months so the volunteers would be able to react professionally in an emergency.

Proposed gun fixes absurd

The two lessons learned from the tragedy in Parkland, Florida, are as follows: First, no tragedy is too horrendous for the opportunistic. Second, for every absurd panacea put forth to combat the intolerable, there's an opposite and equally absurd reaction.

A justified exercise of Djibouti's rights

The Government of Djibouti regrets that it was not contacted or offered an opportunity to present its views in connection with "Chinese Firm Waits in Wings as Djibouti Nationalizes Port Facilities Operated by DP World," (Web, Feb. 25)

Drones the answer?

Some college campuses and public schools use surveillance drones to enhance school security. Perhaps it's time to deploy weaponized surveillance drones to protect our schools.

Help Ukraine now

President Donald Trump must rebuke Russian President Vladimir Putin for election interference and global aggression after the news of the 13 indictments ("Feds charge 13 Russians with meddling in 2016 election," Web, Feb. 16). Mr. Trump was telling the truth all along. His Democratic accusers lose big.

Anti-gun students puppets of left

I'm 19 years old and strongly disagree with the current student gun-control movement. In the wake of the Parkland, Florida, shooting last week that took 17 lives, there have been many young students who have made their voices heard on the issue of gun control, specifically the ban on AR-15 rifles. As well-intentioned as these students may be, I think they are making a huge mistake pushing for more gun control. Unfortunately, anyone who expresses an opposing opinion is typically branded "insensitive" by the media.

'Southern' issues are nonsense

The United States spent eight suffering years under the boot of our first Marxist president. Maybe our local lightweight politicians wish to focus on sowing the continuance in this cultural and racial divide ("Is Maryland ready to rid 'Northern scum' from state song?" Web, Feb. 16). They may well tread on dangerous ground.

Perpetuating 'the enduring myth'

It pains me to see that Rabbi Menachem Levine perpetuates what renowned Holocaust scholar Deborah Lipstadt calls balderdash and "the enduring myth" that Poles were worse than Nazis ("Why Poland's new Holocaust law is a mockery," Web, Feb. 20).

Left, not gun owners, to blame

The Red Chinese, North Korea and the USSR have been or were aware for decades that the only way to enslave a population was to disarm them. They also knew that a nation could be controlled through its youth. Add to these philosophical ideas the socialist doctrine that any means necessary can and should be used to achieve a desired end goal, and you have the main ingredients for why the United States is in such turmoil in 2018.

Guns defend against evil regimes

In the 20th century, socialist nations murdered some 200 million unarmed citizens (some 800 citizens daily in the Soviet Union over 72 years, and over 5,000 daily in Mao's China over 27 years). Hitler made it illegal for Jews to own guns.

Stop arguing, start protecting

We are all wrestling with the tragedy and evil that came to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, last week. As a citizen and parent, I'd ask our leaders in the school system to focus on reality, not on theory or wishes. In the childlike part of our souls, most of us would love to live in a world without evil, but that is not the world in which we live.

Legislators must act on guns now

As a retired school superintendent and former high-school principal, I was sickened by the images from the school shooting in Florida last week. As we all retreat into our respective positions regarding guns in America, I pose one question: Is change needed or do we accept the periodic slaughter of our fellow citizens? When we are unable to act on the most obvious of problems, we should never be expected to respond to more complex challenges.

New gun laws mean fewer rights

Before we pass any new gun laws there are a few questions to be answered. Which crimes have the already-passed gun laws stopped and which crimes will the new laws stop? What will we do differently to enforce these new laws?

Wrong amendment cited

The debate over gun control versus gun rights has been perverted beyond belief. This conflict has absolutely nothing to do with the Second Amendment to the Constitution. Anyone who knows anything about the history of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights knows that the Second Amendment was about citizens having the right to bear arms and confront an oppressive government, as the colonists did against the British.

Why is 'waqf' not in discussion?

Kudos to Clifford D. May for identifying some of the issues preventing resolution of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict ("Why peace can't be processed now," Web, Feb. 13). He touches upon the biggest stumbling block: a rigid Islamic ideology, which receives little or no attention and should be part of the discussion.

Shootings fault of amorality

Here in the North Woods we are saddened and distraught by the news of another tragic school shooting. We have listened to all the knee-jerk gun-control/confiscation rhetoric. But none of it answers the question of why these shootings are happening now.