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Trump’s foreign policy fix

Barack Obama spent eight years in the Oval Office hot seat convinced of his rectitude in all things big and small (“Trump seeks middle ground in foreign-policy balancing act,” Web, April 18). Please forgive me if I do not join in the praise, especially on the foreign policy front. When Donald Trump became president we knew there would have to be a major cleanup on that aisle.

Humanism, Christ incompatible

Some argue that a “humanist” chaplain can effectively counsel a God-fearing Christian soldier. I would beg to differ “(Navy rejects ‘non-theist’ for chaplain corps; lawmakers warn against changing core mission,” Web, March 27). A humanist believes that what humankind thinks is more important than what God wants us to do. This is the antithesis of Christianity. Christians attach prime importance to Christ, not man.

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Trump remains true to his word

At President Trump's speech at the World Economic Summit, he re-emphasized that America will look out for it's own interests first, that other countries need to bear the burden of our shared security and that he will implement a free and fair trade policy that he stressed will be "reciprocal."

Veterans understand how to honor the flag

The National Football League (NFL) rejected a Super Bowl advertisement from American Veterans, a veteran's organization, which urged people to stand for the national anthem, claiming such an ad would constitute a "political statement" and violate the spirit of the game. Is the NFL implying that during those years in public school, when my generation stood and sang "The Star-Spangled Banner" during weekly formal assemblies, we were making a political statement, not simply celebrating patriotism?

A good year for Republicans

The lines are clearly marked. The Democrats call the Trump tax cut a disaster that will benefit only the wealthy and big corporations and increase the national debt. The Republicans call the tax cut a great economic stimulus that will bring back jobs and wealth by encouraging industry to return to America, create new businesses, and give the average middle class workers a $2,000 tax cut.

Allowing illegals to vote assures fraud

If you need any further proof that the entire Democrat-created phony crisis of illegals over citizens in shutting down the government was about giving illegals citizenship to vote in the 2020 general election, then look no further then to the new proposed California law that will register everyone, citizens and illegal aliens alike when getting licenses to vote in elections.

Why Turkish troops are in Afrin

Turkish forces recently launched "Operation Olive Branch" into northwestern Syria against the PKK-linked Kurdish militia in Afrin. For months, Turkish officials tried to convey to the U.S. that enlisting one terrorist group to fight another is a risky strategy, especially when the former group seeks the territorial dismemberment of Turkey. The Trump administration, in return, sent mixed messages and failed to fulfill its pledges to a NATO ally's security.

Vegetarians heading for extinction

Richard Berman goes through the details of why Franken-burgers are definitely not going to be good for your health ("The 'plant-based burger' scam," Web, Jan. 23). They are the product of plant-based, industrial agriculture that has been devastating the environment and ruining public health for 10,000 years. In the last 100-200 years this folly has gotten a substantial boost from Seventh-Day Adventists, Ancel Keys and federal farm policy. Subsidize grains to produce cheap food, make it taste great with sugar, mix it with medical quackery (Keys) and then subsidize the hell out of it to produce mega industries (think Monsanto and the Kellogg corporations to name two) and you obtain both a public health and climate change disaster.

A DACA solution

The Democratic Party insists that all Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) candidates, some 800,000 of them, are all Rhodes Scholars working as apprentices at Dupont while putting Mom through medical school. Conservative critics quote statistics of over 50 percent not at high school fluency in English, and disproportionate crime involvement and welfare dependency.

Democrats and the shutdown

The Obama administration made its shutdown as hard a possible for its citizens by closing down all the national parks, including those that are purely outside like the Lincoln Memorial and the WWII Memorial. As to the latter, the Obama administration did not have the guts to arrest the 90-year-old vets who broke in. The Trump administration has taken a kinder approach and kept as many open as possible, mainly those that are not inside structures.

Blocking a vote to favor illegals

I wonder how the Democrats can look in a mirror thinking that they weren't guilty of shutting down the government. I watched numerous Democratic politicians blame the Republicans for the shutdown saying it was all on them but every single one of them refused to accept responsibility knowing that the Senate was a 60-51 split in their favor. Their whole premise for the most part for not voting for a budget pertained to DACA, those children brought to this country illegally by their parents.

'Outhouse of a country' would be better

It's hard to believe the amount of news coverage that is given to the non-news story about our president allegedly calling less-than-blessed countries s-holes. While there are enough witnesses claiming that he never said those words to make the story a non-starter, the coverage continues. Even though the president may have never said those words, those reporting those words obviously never heard of political correctness. No county should ever be referred to as a s-hole. The political correct phraseology is "Outhouse of a country." I suggest the news media refrain from the s-hole comments and use the politically correct terminology in the future.

It's Trump's economy, not Obama's

One year into the administration, the stock market is booming, jobless claims are the lowest since the Nixon era, consumer confidence is soaring and the raging question being debated by talking heads is who is mostly responsible for this historic resurgence: President Obama or President Trump?

Disparaging SpaceX without facts

Peter Weyrich's commentary blasting the credibility of SpaceX and Elon Musk ("Government must come clean about SpaceX," Web, Jan. 18), is a piece worthy of being published in The New York Times or The Washington Post.

No presidential straitjacket required

Although deciphering the mind remains a challenge for most of us ("Obama's doctor says Trump is in excellent health," Web, Jan. 18), some psychiatrists in our fair land, casting the Goldwater Rule aside, have assessed President Donald Trump's mental status from afar and judged him a proximate danger to the republic. While a presidential straitjacket is being designed by these highly educated and politicized do-gooders, we might consider prescribing a psychotropic drug for them, one designed to ease anxiety and panic.

Terrorists are not welcome here

In the recent Washington Times news article ("American-born children of immigrants proving fruitful recruiting ground for jihad in U.S., Web) it would have been interesting if the Department of Homeland Security would have broken down the statistic that "75 percent of terrorists convicted in the U.S. are foreign born" to include ethnic origin and citizenship. Certainly there are gangs of drug sellers and murderers within their own communities who should never have been allowed into this nation.

A First Amendment threat

The U.S. Supreme Court is currently considering a case, the National Institute of Family Life Advocates (NIFLA) v. Becerra. From all indications, virtually none of the American public is aware of this vitally important case.

Finding solutions for chronic disease

Imagine if millions of people drowned each year due to lack of aquatic skills and we, as a society, thought it reasonable to invest most resources into finding a cure for human drowning instead of teaching people how to swim properly. Unfortunately we are doing something similar with chronic disease.

Not all immigrants are the same

The latest dust-up concerning President Trump and immigration reminds me that believing Sen. Durbin's statement requires an ideological imperative. However, in general, modern Western minds usually fail to recognize the colonial period as merely an interruption in millennia of tribal warfare. When the colonialists left, these people groups unwrapped the gift of freedom to rediscover the prehistory norms of crushing civil wars, murderous political intrigues, and pandemics of disease and starvation created by ruling elites from the ascendant tribes as they again strove for power by extinguishing their rivals.

Trump's comment not racist

A lot of people are taking President Trump's "sh—hole countries" comment out of context and cashing in on it for their own glory ("Hillary Clinton condemns Trump's 'ignorant,' 'racist' 'sh—hole' comment," Web, Jan. 12). I am an African, and I can tell you, Mr. Trump is not a racist. Those calling him one are the racists. For instance, will all those whites calling him a racist allow their children to marry black people? Or will they welcome black sons- and daughters-in-law in their houses? How many black people occupy significant positions in their employ? These are questions for thought.

Left needs new election message

I have a suggestion for the National Democratic Party's 2018- and 2020-election message. Back in 1987, I heard Bill Clinton give a speech in which he said something I really agreed with. He said people have rights and responsibilities. Yet Democrats, he said, seem to focus too heavily on their own "rights" and seem to believe that they shouldn't (and don't) have any "responsibilities." By contrast, he said, Republicans seem to focus too heavily on their "responsibilities" and seem to believe that they shouldn't and don't have any "rights."