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Disparaging SpaceX without facts

Peter Weyrich’s commentary blasting the credibility of SpaceX and Elon Musk (“Government must come clean about SpaceX,” Web, Jan. 18), is a piece worthy of being published in The New York Times or The Washington Post.

No presidential straitjacket required

Although deciphering the mind remains a challenge for most of us (“Obama’s doctor says Trump is in excellent health,” Web, Jan. 18), some psychiatrists in our fair land, casting the Goldwater Rule aside, have assessed President Donald Trump’s mental status from afar and judged him a proximate danger to the republic. While a presidential straitjacket is being designed by these highly educated and politicized do-gooders, we might consider prescribing a psychotropic drug for them, one designed to ease anxiety and panic.

Terrorists are not welcome here

In the recent Washington Times news article (“American-born children of immigrants proving fruitful recruiting ground for jihad in U.S., Web) it would have been interesting if the Department of Homeland Security would have broken down the statistic that “75 percent of terrorists convicted in the U.S. are foreign born” to include ethnic origin and citizenship. Certainly there are gangs of drug sellers and murderers within their own communities who should never have been allowed into this nation.

A First Amendment threat

The U.S. Supreme Court is currently considering a case, the National Institute of Family Life Advocates (NIFLA) v. Becerra. From all indications, virtually none of the American public is aware of this vitally important case.

Finding solutions for chronic disease

Imagine if millions of people drowned each year due to lack of aquatic skills and we, as a society, thought it reasonable to invest most resources into finding a cure for human drowning instead of teaching people how to swim properly. Unfortunately we are doing something similar with chronic disease.

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Decertify Obama Iran deal now

During the 2016-election campaign, candidate Trump promised voters that one of his top priorities as president would be to repeal the 2015 Obama nuclear Iran deal. According to him, the deal is one of the worst and most one-sided transactions America has ever made.

Get China to control North Korea

China is our only leverage when it comes to modifying North Korea's world outlook, policies, actions and (possibly) leadership. But there is no reason for China to truly exert itself, regardless of current statements, because the United States' prolonged difficulties with an essentially minor player, North Korea, impair our credibility throughout the world and make China's expansionist plans easier to achieve.

Too useful to fix

Immigration is a major reason why President Trump won the election. But it seems members of Congress still don't get it. The latest attempt, the Tillis/Lankford bill, does nothing to stop illegal immigration. If anything, it only encourages it and will likely increase chain migration as well.

Democracy fails in Catalan

As a supporter of democracy and self determination, I was glad that last Sunday the people of the Catalan region of Spain tried to vote for independence. Unfortunately the Spanish police cracked down in a most undemocratic way.

No quick solution to gun violence

For society to manage, however imperfectly, who owns firearms is the Gordian knot no one has figured out how to untie ("President Trump calls Las Vegas mass shooting 'act of pure evil,'" Web, Oct. 2). The lethality of firearms calls for measures to get us from seeming intractability to solution. However, the stark reality is that, with some 300 million firearms (many feeding the underground market) in Americans' hands, it's impossible to unring that bell.

No more subsidizing disloyalty

Perhaps it is time for everyone on welfare, the staff of every college that teaches anti-American courses, the players and owners of sports franchises that receive federal funds, and illegal aliens who receive benefits to be made to take an oath of loyalty to the people, flag and Constitution of the United States before receiving said funds.

Puerto Rico leaders derelict

There is something seriously wrong with politicians who have the audacity to blame President Trump for not acting fast enough in the aftermath of the two hurricanes that hit Puerto Rico.

First lady 'racism' hypocrisy

A Kansas teacher was fired over racist comments about the Obamas. A Georgia teacher was fired for racist comment about Michelle Obama. Liz Phipps Soeiro, the Massachusetts elementary school librarian, got a slap on the wrist for her rants about first lady Melania Trump's White House gift of Dr. Seuss books ("Elementary school librarian rejects books donated by Melania Trump." Web, Sept. 28).

Anthem no time for politics

NFL players ought to stand during the national anthem. Our anthem is not about the president and it should not be about the players' causes. It is not about whether they have the right to sit, kneel or be absent. They do. It is not about whether fans, appalled by the sitting and kneeling, should turn off the games, stop buying tickets and merchandise, and let their own voice be heard. They should.

Coaches should not be recruiters

For those of us who advise high-school basketball players and their parents, your recent piece exposes an issue we have been struggling with for the past 25 years ("Column: A lot of nervous people wait for other shoe to drop," Web, Sept. 26). Who has the students' best interests at heart? Based on your article it seems it was not the coaches in question.

Ban players from field during anthem

The only institution in American culture that manages to meet the high bars of avarice and hypocrisy set by our political class is the NFL. After leading the charge against spousal abuse, steroid overuse and the CTE epidemic, the NFL has now moved to the forefront in the defense of free speech (unless, of course, that speech involves a player or coach questioning the terrible officiating of the league's part-time officials). Next the organization will surely start running public service ads warning of the dangers of excessive tattooing.

Goodbye, Hugh

Hugh Hefner, despised and reviled by feminists, arch conservatives, law enforcement and religious leaders (but beloved by liberals, libertines, men in general and the oppressed) passed away Wednesday. "The Father of the Sexual Revolution" and the seemingly endless and ultimate playboy, Hefner was far more than just the creator and owner of a sex magazine which he called Playboy and which featured scantily clad women in suggestive poses.

Let's get back to being grateful

I'll be 91 on Oct. 30. As I have admitted on occasion, I've lived through some of the worst and best times in our nation's history. It seems to me there is as much or more discord in the country now than at any prior time. It is obvious to me that we need more of the spirit I've seen exhibited in the distant past ("NFL ratings fall as fans make clear: Quit the politics," Web, Sept. 27).

Keep El Salvador's TPS status

The Wilson Building in downtown Washington is filled with people who define the story of the city the edifice represents: a mayor who is a fifth generation Washingtonian, government staffers who grew up here or moved here for college and never looked back, residents who come to meet their mayor or testify before the council -- and a woman who moved to the United States from El Salvador almost 20 years ago for a chance at a better life.

Perverting the Tebow kneel

A few years ago NFL quarterback Tim Tebow "took a knee" in prayer on a football field and was criticized roundly by a loud element of society. Today, that same element sings the praises of NFL players who kneel in protest of perceived societal injustices.

NFL players wasting opportunity

I believe strongly that the act of recognizing the flag is a salute to our great nation and all those who have sacrificed (and are sacrificing) so much for our liberties. The professional football players who don't recognize the flag disrespect this nation and set a bad example for all the youths who look up to them.

Individuality, disrespect different

Thank God we all do not share the same beliefs; I believe our diversity of thought is exactly what our Founding Fathers intended. What I am not thankful for, however, is the ignorance which is bountiful in our great nation ("Trump's call for boycott of NFL reignites furor over players' national anthem protests," Web, Sept. 24). Our flag does not represent only our president. It represents much, much more. It represents you and me and all presidents past and future. It represents the men who died defending our freedom. It represents our children, nieces and nephews who were born into a nation with liberties unparalleled by any country.

Movement adherents fascists

Antifa and Black Lives Matter claim they are fighting against white supremacy and fascism. But, they are fighting on the streets and on the college campuses against anyone who disagrees with their ideology of socialism and far-left beliefs. Anyone who says that he is for President Trump or free enterprise or is a Republican will be shouted down, barred form speaking on college campuses and physically attacked on the streets.