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Church quiet on Biden abortion stance

I am sure that “Catholic” Joseph R. Biden will sign an executive order on day one to force the American people to fund Planned Parenthood. He will also support the exportation of abortion worldwide. For those who accepted massive voter fraud or voted for Joe, this is only the beginning of his destruction of America. Your living costs will skyrocket and your basic freedoms will be lost. It is already beginning.

Obama, Clinton pardoned far more at end

One of the lead stories on CNN this week has been about the president’s 100 last-days pardons (including clemencies). Worth noting is that in January 2017, the outgoing president, Barack Obama, issued 1,927 pardons and commutations in his final days. In his last week in office Bill Clinton issued 456 pardons and clemencies. But of course the radical, socialist press is taking a last shot at President Trump, whom it has been working for four years to evict from office.

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Senate doesn't serve original purpose

We know that Alexander Hamilton and many others disagreed with Thomas Jefferson and James Madison about "the people." Hamilton insisted that the people couldn't be trusted to preserve their own rights, freedom and liberty. Since the passage of the 17th Amendment we have seen just how right he was.

Saddling taxpayers with loan debt unfair

Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer wanting Uncle Sam to forgive the first $50,000 in outstanding college loans sounds great. Who doesn't want free stuff from Washington? But what about the millions of American parents who saved and sacrificed to put their children through college? What about the students who worked at part-time jobs to pay for college while they attended?

National Guard at Capitol pure theater

it is being reported that there are more U.S. soldiers garrisoning Washington than there are in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. This would strongly suggest that all these troops have been deployed not for the purposes of national defense, but for political stage management.

Big Tech blocks can't last

With titanic left-wing organizations such as Google, Amazon, Facebook and Twitter exercising their monopolistic power to stifle conservative debate in the U.S., I see huge opportunity for conservatives who seek to express and promote conservative views.

Who's to blame for incitement?

If for five long years a dog is abused, it is understand when said dog finally decides to fight back, biting its abuser. Well, the Democrats conspired and abused President Trump and his 75 million supporters year after year until the masses rose up and protested in Washington. Those scant few who committed crimes at the Capitol last week didn't act or speak on behalf of the law-abiding people who protested.

Accept it: Israel not going anywhere

Are we still ruminating about Israel building homes in areas that will be part of Israel if and when the Palestinian Authority decides to make peace ("Israel announces new settlements, risking Biden's anger," Web, Jan. 11)?

Who is Biden to talk 'racism'?

"Black conservatives push back as Biden, Democrats allege racism in Capitol police response" (Web, Jan. 11) demonstrates two major issues. First is the short-term memory problems of Joe Biden and second is the continuation of a long-standing use by the Democrats of racism as a deflection.

Biden's COVID-19 strategy: hope

So President-elect Biden is going to use all of the available COVID-19 vaccines to provide initial shots to twice as many people -- and hope there is sufficient supply available for the necessary second shots ("Biden will not hold back COVID-19 vaccine doses, will maximize supply as manufacturing catches up," Web, Jan. 8).

Hold oath takers accountable

The first clause of the oath of office for every employee and elected official of the United States reads, "I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic." The oath's second clause reads, in part, "I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same," meaning that the oath taker "will bear true faith and allegiance to the" Constitution. The presidential oath is different.