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Millennial Mindset

Madison Gesiotto

Madison Gesiotto

Madison Gesiotto is a former columnist with The Washington Times. Her tenure ended in October, 2017.


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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Don't mess with Israel

Does Peter Beinart really expect Zionists to throw in the towel ("Peter Beinart's one-state solution for Israelis and Palestinians," Web, July 14)? Does he expect them to accept a binational state in which Jews would soon be in a minority status?

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: 'Vengeance' voting backfires

After spending so much time separated physically from friends and family, few can doubt that the whole nation is engaged in a real war against the COVID-19 pandemic. As in all past national emergencies, the nation looks to the government for leadership, and press conferences led by President Trump have been held daily.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Ky. listens during a news conference on Capitol Hill Washington on Aug. 1, 2017. (Associated Press) **FILE**

An open letter to Mitch McConnell and Congress

Really, Mitch McConnell? You think President Trump has "excessive expectations" about wanting to get things done for the American people? Was seven years not enough for you and your colleagues to come up with a plan to repeal and replace Obamacare?

As the Obama administration's attorney general, Loretta E. Lynch suggested language that closely mirrored what the Clinton campaign was using, fired FBI Director James B. Comey testified on Thursday. (Associated Press/File)

Loretta Lynch must testify

For too long, questions have been left unanswered. The truth has been concealed from the American people, and it is clearer now than ever before that this truth must be revealed.

John Cho

John Cho blames Donald Trump for United Airlines incident

We've all seen the video from Sunday evening of 69-year-old North Carolina doctor David Dao being "re-accommodated" on United Airlines Flight 3411, but have you heard who Star Trek actor John Cho is blaming for the incident?

President Donald Trump speaks during a meeting on women in healthcare, Wednesday, March 22, 2017, in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Donald Trump must keep using Twitter

- The Washington Times

President Donald J. Trump's tweets were a popular part of his campaign and have now become an integral part of his presidency, but should he keep tweeting? Many say no but I say yes and here's why.

This photo provided by the Ramsay County Sheriff's Offfice in St. Paul, Minn., shows Linwood Kaine, the youngest son of U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine. Kaine was one of several people arrested Saturday, March 4, 2017, during a counter protest at a rally in support of President Donald Trump at the State Capitol rotunda in St. Paul. (Ramsay County Sheriff's Office via AP)

See no evil: Liberals refuse to see themselves as hypocrites

- The Washington Times

For too long, the liberal left has been hiding behind a guise of compassion and inclusivity. They claim to care about the forgotten man and pretend to have tolerance for people of all backgrounds, races, religions and political beliefs. Yet, time and time again, their actions prove otherwise.