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To banish signs of aging, all you need is a magic wand

- The Washington Times

The good news is that skin can be revived without invasive methods. Using heat is the key. Heating collagen and elastin to a specific temperature tightens existing fibers and triggers cells to produce more collagen. Dermatologists have been using this method for years using infrared, LED and ultrasound technology, and the effects can last for months.

(Maker's Mark)

Maker’s offers restaurateurs, visitors a chance to fashion their own barrel ‘expression’

- The Washington Times

At the Maker’s Mark Private Select Experience at the distillery in Loretto, Kentucky, restaurateurs, bar owners and merely the curious adventurer can combine staves from five different types of wood that go into each barrel of Maker’s can be inserted into a barrel in any of 1,001 possible combinations to create a unique barrel of Maker’s suited to an individual tastes — for a unique taste experience.