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UN Human Rights Council and George Soros: Dictating American Foreign Policy

By Brian Smith

The failed Obama era policies that destabilized whole regions and created great violence are alive today, backed by currency manipulator George Soros, and delivered by the United Nations falsely named Human Rights Council. Working in concert, these corrupt organizations are developing and promoting false narratives in a poorly hidden attempt to dictate foreign policy to the Trump administration.  Most recently, this has involved conducting a secretive effort to undermine the administration by putting their foot in the door at the US State Department, using Obama era holdovers to do their bidding.

Congolese Fugitive Moise Katumbi, George Soros, and UN Human Rights Council Commissioner Zeid Ra’ad Hussein, working together to undermine the Trump Administration.

It’s instructive to observe that then President George Bush refused to join the council on its creation in 2006, and that President Obama later reversed his decision and became a member. The council is led by High Commissioner Jordanian Zeid Ra’ad Hussein, who calls himself the “global voice on human rights, universal rights; elected by all governments,” yet takes every opportunity to trash President Trump – on American soil – likening the president and his campaign to ISIS, while remaining resolutely silent on abuses in North Korea and elsewhere. In March, Zeid attacked Trump for running a policy based on "discrimination, anti-Semitism and anti-minority violence."

The Trump administration has expressed its disdain towards Zeid’s council on more than one occasion. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in March said the United States would not continue participating in the council unless it undergoes “considerable reform.” That same month, Nikki Haley told the Council on Foreign Relations: “The

Human Rights Council is so corrupt … I think that we need to look at it,” and “When the council passes more than 70 resolutions against Israel, a country with a strong human rights record, and just seven resolutions against Iran, a country with an abysmal human rights record, you know something is seriously wrong.”

Indeed, where Zeid does speak out, his Human Rights Council serves the agenda of George Soros, who uses instability and violence to create currency instabilities that he and his foundations use for their own profit. Such a gambit is currently taking place in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where Zeid supports propagandistic reports created by Soros backed “Human Rights Watch,” to undermine the legitimacy of the DRC Government from the prestige of his position. He uniformly lays blame for tribal conflicts and pan-African security challenges at the feet of the existing government in an effort to do the bidding of Soros, who always seems to find a way to profit from instability in resource rich regions of the world, while attempting to remake the planet in his own progressive image.

After Zeid makes his statements, a ring of Soros backed NGOs and foundations go to work on behalf of opposition figures in the DRC, like fugitive from justice Moise Katumbi, who became one of the richest leaders in Congo from his governorship of the mineral laden Katanga province there, before corruption led to his conviction on criminal charges in the DRC. Rather than defend himself, Katumbi fled, and now calls for violence and a coup in the DRC which would, not coincidentally, install Katumbi as the new leader. Interestingly, Katumbi is a modern darling of progressive politics despite (or because of) this, and is seen with white shoe lobbyists in the halls of the US State Department, making his case to Obama era holdovers at the State Department, still prosecuting a failed Obama era doctrine of social intervention (like the falsely named Arab Spring) that have led to the growth or terrorist organizations and civilian misery everywhere it has been tried. In fact, these State Department holdovers have made an attempt to limit the ability of the DRC government to communicate to the US Government, in an effort to undermine its position in the US and support Zeid and Katumbi’s progressive vision.  As the Trump Administration struggles with lawmakers to put their own team in place throughout government, these holdovers attempt to undermine the President’s agenda with the tacit assistance of groups like Zeid’s U.N. Human Rights Council and the Soros organizations.

US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley is scheduled to make a trip to the Democratic Republic of the Congo soon. Conservative Americans hope she recognizes the complicit actions of the UN Human Rights Council, Moise Katumbi, and George Soros for what they are, and calls for order, peace and stability in a region of the world little understood or followed by outsiders, but of great strategic importance to the U.S. Indeed, In his refreshing speech before the UN General Assembly in September, Donald Trump articulated a new American policy of “principled realism,” a break from previous administrations propping up corrupt, morally bankrupt regimes. President Trump called out hypocrisy at the UN, where the US is footing nearly 25% of the bill, and particularly in the Human Rights Council.

The Trump Administration rightly pulled out of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) because it failed to live up to its mission and promulgated intense anti-Israeli bias.  Maybe the US in continuing President Trump’s ‘principled realism’ – should withdraw from the Human Rights Council until its High Commissioner ends his flirtation with George Soros once and for all.  And hopefully Ambassador Haley will recognize this conspiracy of progressive interests for what they are… another attempt to profit and enforce a political orthodoxy of progressivism from a destabilized and violent world.