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Emery A. Popoloski

Emery A. Popoloski

Emery A. Popoloski, a mom, resides in the Boston area with her husband, Charles, who served in Iraq. She is an alumni of the Elizabeth Dole Foundation’s Military Caregiver Fellowship and the Fellows Program Coordinator for the Elizabeth Dole Foundation. Any questions can be emailed to [email protected].

Articles by Emery A. Popoloski

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'A War': Oscar nominee turns on battle in Afghanistan

Recently, I had the chance to watch and review an Oscar nominated film titled "A War" written and directed by Tobias Lindholm. What really intrigued me about this film is that it is about Danish soldiers fighting in the current war in Afghanistan. Published February 26, 2016

Dozens of former Wounded Warrior Project employees have accused the charity of needlessly spending millions of dollars in donations on lavish conferences and parties. (CBS News)

Wounded Warrior Project 'a pillar of support'

When my husband first went into the hospital, I was scared. My husband Charlie, an Operation Iraqi Freedom combat veteran, was not coherent and to see the man I love collapse and transform into someone unrecognizable - it shook me to my core. Published February 3, 2016

Military caregivers, PTSD and domestic violence

When Sarah Palin recently discussed events that occurred at her home involving her son, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and domestic violence, she opened up the discussion of the intertwining of PTSD and domestic violence within the military community. Published January 21, 2016

Military life detours when drug abuse joins PTSD

A detoured life. That is how military caregiver Allyson Bowers describes her life caring for her husband, Benjamin Bowers, a medically retired Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran. Along with caring for her husband, Allyson also holds a master's degree in human services with an emphasis on military resilience from Liberty University and is a Fellow Emeritus with the Elizabeth Dole Foundation. Published December 23, 2015

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Elizabeth Dole Foundation and Paralyzed Veterans of America staged a job fair for wounded veterans and military caregivers. The jobless rate for post-9/11 veterans in February fell to 6.7 percent. (Photographs by Hannah Crites/The Washington Times)

Care for wounded veterans' caregivers

I have been on a bit of a hiatus the past few weeks. It was not planned but it was one of those times as a military caregiver when I needed to focus on just the necessities. Published November 6, 2015

Arlington National Cemetery

Veteran caregivers battle depression, suicide

There is a new war being waged in America today. It isn't against poverty or drugs. Those who are casualties of this war often greet death brought to them by their own hands on American soil. Published September 3, 2015

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Unique stories of military, vet caregiving

Life happens. Brian Vines retired from the Army in 2012 after 28 years of distinguished service, and his wife, Natalie, who also served God and country, retired the following year after two decades in the same branch of the military. Published August 24, 2015

This April 3, 2015 photo shows the VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System in Ann Arbor, Mich. In an analysis of six months of appointment data at 940 VA hospitals and clinics nationwide from September 2014 to February 2015, at the VA hospital in Ann Arbor, an average of 3.4 percent of appointments took more than 30 days to complete between September and February, but that percentage was down to 2.4 percent in that last month. That's better than the national average of 2.8 percent. (AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)

Give veterans real health care choices, not run-around

In a last-minute deal on Thursday, the Senate approved a measure that allows the Veteran Affairs Department (VA) to use about $3.3 billion in funds assigned solely to the new Veterans Choice Card program to cover other account shortfalls. Published August 3, 2015

Illustration on dealing with sexual assaults in the military by Donna Grethen/Tribune Content Agency

VA, caregivers, sex trauma: A quiet storm is brewing

The concept that a military service member or veteran could suffer from post-traumatic stress or a brain injury due to military sexual trauma (also referred to as military sexual assault) is virtually non-existent. Published July 14, 2015

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Trusting the VA, an update

Earlier this week, I wrote a blog which addressed the issue of military caregivers being unable to trust the Veteran's Administration. Published May 15, 2015

Illustration by Greg Groesch/The Washington Times

Why military caregivers don't trust the VA

Why are military caregivers, including those within the Veterans Administration Caregiving Program so distrustful of the VA? Because the VA fails our veterans if we do not continuously advocate for them. Published May 11, 2015

Emery and Charles Popoloski with their children. Charles, who served in Iraq, is a wounded hero, and Emery is his caregiver.

Wounded warrior caregivers need care, too

Welcome to the new Hidden Heroes blog. My goal for this blog is to continue to raise awareness of military caregivers, highlight various organizations, address issues and continue to keep the conversation open on how we can help the Hidden Heroes. Published April 30, 2015