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James Varney

James Varney was a national correspondent for The Washington Times. 

Articles by James Varney

In this June 22, 2006, file photo released by the North Korean government, North Korean soldiers watch USS Pueblo, which was seized by North Korean navy off the Korean coast near Taedonggang river in Pyongyang, North Korea. In January 1968, North Korean navy boats attacked and captured the USS Pueblo off the North’s east coast. (Korean Central News Agency/Korea News Service via AP, File)

USS Pueblo still held by North Korea as Trump, Kim Jong-un meet

The USS Constitution, the oldest commissioned ship in the Navy, sits in Boston, revered by sailors and history buffs. The second-oldest ship, the USS Pueblo, floats at a river dock in Pyongyang, still a hostage more than 50 years after North Korea seized it in a January 1968 raid in the frigid waters of the East Sea off the Hermit Kingdom's northeastern coast. Published June 11, 2018

Despite the multiple gun-related tragedies in Florida, Gov. Rick Scott, a Republican, is not backing down in his support for the Second Amendment. He has an A+ rating from the National Rifle Association and has supported concealed carry permit laws. (Associated Press)

Rick Scott holds firm to gun rights in Senate campaign

Florida Gov. Rick Scott, a Republican, is not backing down in his support for gun rights as he tries to unseat longtime Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson, who is signaling plans to make guns an issue. Published June 10, 2018

Authorities said Rep. Bob Goodlatte, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, has been the brunt of such venom. (Associated Press)

Congressmen face death threats from anti-Trump #Resistance

Political conversations have grown increasingly nasty in recent years, and it may be spawning something even worse: a growing number of people taking their vitriol to another level by threatening members of Congress. Published May 24, 2018

Randy Howell, Springville, Ala., holds up two bass at a weigh-in, Sunday Feb. 23, 2014 in Birmingham, Ala. that helped him win the Bassmaster Classic on Lake Guntersville. (AP Photo/Hal Yeager)

BASS pulls Bassmaster tournaments from Louisiana over coastal lawsuits

Flush with their success prying billions of dollars out of BP in the wake of the Deepwater Horizon disaster, Louisiana trial lawyers have their scopes trained on new prey: the oil and gas industry as a whole. In the process, the state's famous fishing grounds are turning increasingly off-limits. Published May 10, 2018

Jordan Peterson, clinical psychologist and scholar, becomes global star, marked man

A clinical psychologist and scholar, Jordan Peterson has taken the Internet, along with the publishing and speaking-tour worlds, by storm. His lectures and books now command enthralled audiences worldwide. Fresh off sold-out appearances in Australia, a 12-city North American tour to promote his latest book started Sunday in Manhattan. Published March 26, 2018

New York City Police Department officers stand at the front entrance of Trump Tower in New York. The new federal spending bill would allocate $61 million to reimburse primarily New York City and Palm Beach County for police overtime and other local expenses related to securing President Donald Trump and his family at Trump Tower and Mar-a-Lago. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig, File)

Bipartisan coalition defends COPS against Trump cuts

A bipartisan coalition of representatives announced Tuesday they're fighting to keep full funding for a federal grant that pays local police and sheriff's departments to hire more officers. Published March 20, 2018

The notion that more police equals less crime grew out of the successful strategies in New York in the 1990s that shifted the emphasis from solving crimes to deterrence. (Associated Press/File)

COPS grants cut in Trump budget

There is little doubt that the COPS grant program, sprung from the 1994 crime bill, helped craft the modern approach to community-based policing. The cash was supposed to be a six-year infusion of federal taxpayer money to encourage local police and sheriff's departments to focus on communities by putting 100,000 more officers on the streets. Published March 18, 2018