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Cafe Wha? is a club in Greenwich Village in Manhattan, New York City that has been home to various musicians and comedians. Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Bruce Springsteen, The Velvet Underground, Cat Mother & the All Night Newsboys, Kool and the Gang, Peter, Paul & Mary, Woody Allen, Lenny Bruce, Joan Rivers, Bill Cosby, Richard Pryor, and many others all began their careers at the Wha?, according to the official Cafe Wha? web page. Although Cafe Wha? was sold by its owner, Manny Roth, in 1988, the club remains at its original location, 115 Macdougal Street, between Bleecker and West 3rd Streets.Village Voice: Bob Dylan in NYC - Revisiting the Cafe Wha? and 94 Macdougal.[] Roth was the uncle of David Lee Roth. - Source: Wikipedia

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