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CyberBunker is a Dutch company that, according to its website, hosts "services to any Web site 'except child porn and anything related to terrorism'". It is known for allegedly hosting spam sites and denial-of-service attacks. The company is named for the place it is housed in, a former military nuclear warfare bunker The bunker had been built in 1955 just outside the small town of Kloetinge in the south of the Netherlands. Used as a NATO radio base band relay station and for local espionage and counter-espionage, the facility comprises tunnels and operations rooms on four levels, one above ground designed as a decontamination area and three underground, with five-meter-thick reinforced concrete outer walls. In 1996 NATO decommissioned the facility and all furnishings and equipment were removed. The bunker was sold in 1996 and became a data haven datacenter in 1998 with the name "CyberBunker". - Source: Wikipedia

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