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DPA is a three-letter abbreviation with multiple meanings, including:*Dominique Perrault Architecture French architecture agency http://www.perraultarchitecte.com/*Danish Pedophile Association*Danish Pro Audio, the predecessor company of DPA Microphones, a manufacturer of microphones*Dartmoor Preservation Association, a group which monitors development on Dartmoor in South West England*Data Path Array is a Data Path Unit array as used e. g. for Reconfigurable computing.*Data Protection Act 1998, a United Kingdom Act of Parliament to regulate the processing of information relating to individuals*Data Publishers Association, industry body for the directory and data publishing and search sector*Defence Procurement Agency, an Executive Agency of the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence*Democratic Party of Albanians, an ethnic Albanian political party in the Republic of Macedonia*Dental Practitioners Association, a trade union representing dentists in the UK*Department of Political Affairs of the United Nations*Destructive physical analysis, an analysis performed to verify the fabrication standards of high reliability electrical components*Deutsche Presse-Agentur (German News Agency), founded 1949 in Germany and is a major worldwide media service*Diagnostic Peritoneal Aspiration, a surgical investigation to assess abdominal bleeding*Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure!*Differential power analysis, a cryptographic attack*Diphenylamine, a chemical stabiliser used in homogeneous propellants to absorb the catalyst produced by the autocatalytic decomposition of propellants*Dipicolinic acid, a chemical compound found in bacterial spores*Docosapentaenoic acid, a group of fatty acids*Directorate of Public Affairs*Displacements per atom (dpa), a quantitative measure of the irradiation a material has undergone*Distributed Password Authentication*Shen Yun Performing Arts, formerly known as "Divine Performing Arts"*Doctor of Public Administration, a terminal research degree in government *Down Payment Assistance, special type of home loan*Down Peninsula Audio, a record label*Drug Policy Alliance is the biggest anti-drug war advocacy group in the United States*Dubai Ports Authority, now merged to Dubai Ports World*IATA code for DuPage Airport, located in West Chicago, Illinois*Dynamic Parallel Application* The Association for Promotion of Digital Broadcasting (Dpa in short) in Japan*Deaf Pilots Association (DPA), an organization of deaf aviators in the United States - Source: Wikipedia

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