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Fahamu is a not-for-profit organisation committed to serving the needs of organisations and social movements that inspire progressive social change and promote and protect human rights. It has played a pioneering role in using new information and communication technologies to support capacity building and networking between civil society and human rights organisations. Fahamu has offices in the UK, South Africa, Senegal and Kenya. Fahamu's core tools to build capacity and engage civil and human rights organisations are the publication of Pambazuka News (on-line news and interaction on social justice and development), on-line distance learning courses on human rights and social justice and the application of new technologies such as SMS for information dissemination, lobbying and interaction purposes.==Details==Fahamu was established in the UK in 1997. Fahamu Ltd was registered and incorporated as a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee in 2001 (no. 4241054). Fahamu Ltd is registered in Kenya as F15/2006. Fahamu Trust was registered as a charity in the UK (no. 1100304) in July 2003, with the following objectives: ‘the advancement of education of the public world wide by the publication of electronic newsletters, courses and disseminating of information on human rights’. Fahamu SA is registered as a trust in South Africa IT 37201. In order to enable supporters in the USA to contribute to Fahamu’s work, Fahamu was established in 2005 as a Global Support Fund of the Tides Foundation, a duly registered public charity, exempt from US Federal income taxation under Sections 501(c)(3) and 509(a)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code.==Mission statement==Fahamu supports the strengthening of human rights and social justice movements by:* promoting innovative use of information and communications technologies* stimulating debate, discussion and analyses* publishing news and information* developing and delivering educational courses, including by distance learning.==Strategy==Fahamu’s strategy over the coming years is to:* expand the forum for human rights and social justice in Africa* expand public awareness of human rights* strengthen civil society organisations* root Fahamu in Africa.==Communications and Education==In the ten years of its existence, Fahamu has made a significant contribution to media and freedom of expression in Africa, using information and communications technologies.===Newsletters=== - Source: Wikipedia

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