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RE may mean:* RE (complexity), the set of recursively enumerable languages* RE (automobile), a defunct Rhodesian racecar constructor* RE (e-mail), (re:) "in reference to" in e-mail, letter, memorandum, court case title, etc. (cf. re)* The IATA code for Aer Arann, an Irish regional airline* Rare earth, a type of chemical elements* Real estate* Realencyclopädie der Classischen Altertumswissenschaft* Recursively enumerable set* Regular expression, a string that describes or matches a set of strings, according to certain syntax rules* Relative effectiveness factor, a measurement of an explosive's power* Religious Education* Renewable Energy* Reproductive endocrinologist* Resident Evil (series), a franchise of horror-adventure video games, developed by Capcom** Resident Evil (video game), the first game in the series* Racing Evoluzione,2003 video game* Réunion, ISO 3166 digram and FIPS PUB 10-4 territory code* Reverse engineering, the process of taking something (a device, an electrical component, a software program, etc.) apart and analyzing its workings in detail* Requirements engineering during the development of computer programs* Rock-Eval, a standardized pyrolysis apparatus designed at the French Institute of Petroleum (IFP) to assess the oil potential of a sedimentary rock* Royal Engineers, a corps of the British Army* Royal Society of Painter-Etchers and Engravers, since 1991 the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers* Retained earnings, the portion of net income which is retained by the corporation rather than distributed to its owners as dividends - Source: Wikipedia

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