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Topic - Schutt Sports

Schutt is an Illinois-based sporting company that develops American football, baseball, and softball equipment based in Litchfield, Illinois. Schutt's ION 4D, AiR XP, Vengeance and DNA football helmet lines are the only helmets to have TPU Cushioning in the helmets, which is the same material used by the United States Armed Forces for fighter pilot and paratrooper helmets. The company was established in 1918 as a basketball hoop and dry line developer, and created the first football faceguard in 1935. In 2008, competitor Riddell sued Schutt for infringing on three patents. The three products identified were branded by Schutt under the names "DNA", "ION", and "AIR XP". After the bankruptcy, Platinum Equity acquired the assets of the company. Schutt has been active in preventing concussions in American football, including having created a device in 2008 for Arena Football League players called the "Shockometer". The device is shaped like a triangle, with an adhesive on one side, which sticks to the helmet. When a player is hit by a g-force of more than 100 g, a light in a capsule on the device will flash red. However, fan activity could potentially affect the device. - Source: Wikipedia

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