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Topic - The Journal Gazette

The Journal Gazette is the morning newspaper in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It publishes seven days a week, and with several outlying bureaus, contends for circulation and advertising in a 15-county area. The Journal Gazette is independent, but it was aligned with the Democratic party until 1973.One of its longtime partners was Democratic Governor Paul V. McNutt, who obtained his interest in the newspaper while Indiana governor.==History==The Journal Gazette traces its origins to 1863, to the foundation of The Fort Wayne Gazette. In 1899, The Fort Wayne Gazette merged with The Journal. The Journal Gazette has always been a privately owned newspaper, and the family of the current publisher has controlled the paper since 1930. Publisher Richard Inskeep joined the newspaper in 1949; his family bought the newspaper in 1930. The paper was previously published by William Kunkle, who established WKJG (Will Kunkle - Journal Gazette) broadcasting stations. Kunkle died in 1953 while returning to the newspaper from the television station. - Source: Wikipedia

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