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The Unity Party is the name of several political parties around the world, including:*Batasuna ("Unity"), a Basque political party in Spain linked to ETA, a group banned as a terrorist organisation by the Spanish government.*British Columbia Unity Party, a provincial-level party in British Columbia, Canada*Unity Party (Australia), a small multiculturalist party in Australia*Unity Party of Canada*Unity Party (Israel), a now-defunct party*Unity Party (Liberia)*Unity (Northern Ireland), a label for nationalist candidates in Northern Ireland running in an electoral pact during the 1970s*Unity Party (Quebec), a former provincial-level party in Quebec, Canada*Unity Party of Russia*Unity Party (South Ossetia), a major political party in South Ossetia*Unity (Sweden) (Enhet), a small Swedish political party*Unity Party of America, a party in the United States of America*Unity08, an American political group seeking to build a coalition of supporters from both the Democratic and Republican Parties (unrelated to the Unity Party of America) - Source: Wikipedia

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