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The Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission (VWC) is an agency of the state of Virginia which oversees the resolution of workers' compensation claims brought in that state, in accordance with the Virginia Workers' Compensation Act. The Commission has exclusive jurisdiction to adjudicate such claims. Its decisions may be appealed to the Virginia Court of Appeals. The Commission is headed by three Commissioners and an Executive Director. The Commissioners are chosen by the Virginia General Assembly and serve staggered six-year terms. William L. Dudley, Jr. and Roger L. Williams currently serve as Commissioners. A third Commissioner is expected to be appointed by the Virginia General Assembly in the Spring or Summer of 2012. The Commissioners elect a Chairman for a term of three years. Mr. Dudley is currently the Chairman and Vivian Guidt is the Interim Executive Director. The Commission is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, but has offices and hearing locations at various places around the state. - Source: Wikipedia

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