The Washington Times - August 14, 2009, 09:36AM

    Baseball needs to address its Scott Boras problem.
    Every year, baseball owners die a slow death during the summer as they have to deal with the great white shark of agents. And this year is particularly painful, as Boras has, in addition to the Washington Nationals top choice Stephen Strasburg, four other clients in the top 10 players selected in the June draft. With the deadline to reach an agreement just a few days away — midnight Monday — none of them are signed yet.
   And it is not as if Boras is going to go away anytime soon. During the whole Alex Rodriguez debacle during the 2007 World Series, when the agent upstaged the series by his battle with the New York Yankees over a new contract for A-Rod — resulting in a split between Boras and his diva — there was hopeful speculation by many that Boras may have taken a fatal hit.
   No such luck. He had the biggest fish in the free agent pool this off season — Mark Teixiera — and his clients came away with nearly $350 million in contracts this winter. He is also already the advisor for next year’s probable NO. 1 pick, Bryce Harper.
   So here is what baseball has to do to make Scott Boras go away?
   Give him a team.
   Not just sell him one. Give it to him. Say here’s a team, now you’re one of us.
   Give him the Pirates. Buy out the West Virginia clan that owns the team now and let them go run a minor league team in Bluefield or someplace else in the wild and wonderful state. It will be money well spent, a bargain.
   Boras’ old rival, former agent Jeff Moorad, has a team. Heck’s he’s already bought into the Arizona Diamondbacks, sold them, and then bought the San Diego Padres.
   Tell me the Pittsburgh Pirates wouldn’t be better off if Scott Boras owned the team?
   For that matter, tell me if the Washington Nationals wouldn’t be better off if Boras owned the team?



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