Monday, April 12, 2004

My son, Jamiel Terry, was paid $5,000 by Out magazine to write a story about being Randall Terry’s homosexual son. I am still in a state of shock.

I love my son. He is incredibly gifted and articulate. He sings like an angel and plays the piano. He’s a great cook and a great debater. I’ve poured 16 years of my life into him.

In March 1988, my then-wife and I took Jamiel and his younger sister as foster children. He was 8 years old. We adopted them when he was 14. He came to us a wounded boy, from an incredibly troubled home. He was literally born in jail. By age 8 had learned a lifestyle of deceit and been a victim of treacheries that would mar him for life.

His teen years were a mixture of happy times, half-truths and a double life. His behavior grew worse in college, culminating with the release of the story in Out magazine.

Out magazine specializes in bringing homosexuals “out of the closet.” Their agenda is shameless. They seduced my son with money to write a story about me, Jamiel’s life with me and my family.

The most horrifying part is Jamiel’s admission: “I did have numerous sexual encounters with my friends, usually during sleepovers at my parents’ house.” He was “in my old bedroom at my parents’ house in Windsor, N.Y., where my friend ‘Johnny’ and I had just finished fooling around ? we had been having sex for ages.” I am grieved for those boys. Their parents believed their sons were safe at our home — so did I. I was wrong.

The Out story paints a picture of my son based in fraud. The story states, “I was baptized Catholic and raised Protestant, and I later returned to the Roman Catholic Church.” This is not true. Jamiel is not confirmed; he does not believe in, nor go to confession. He rejects papal authority, Catholic dogmas and their teaching on family issues.

The story states, “My father seems to believe that the fact that I’m an adopted child may help explain why I’m gay — not because of the adoption process itself but perhaps because of things that may have occurred before I was adopted at the age of 5.” Jamiel was adopted when he was nearly 15, not 5. To gloss over the tragic events of his youth is deceit. Many homosexuals want to ignore the causes of their sexual behavior; they want us to believe it is genetic, not behavioral.

The story stated, “My father is still trying to get me to go to a three-month retreat to be ‘delivered’ from homosexuality.” Not true. Jamiel has repeatedly asked me to pay for him to go to “Love in Action” (an in-patient program with great success with homosexuals). I’m happy to pay that tab.

Most painful to me as a dad is that my son prostituted my name for $5,000; he sold out our family’s privacy for cold cash.

Adding pain to pain, he told journalists from CNN and The Washington Post that he is not welcome in my home because of his homosexuality. That is not true. I’ve had him in my home repeatedly since learning he was homosexual two years ago.

He is no longer welcome in my home — not because of his homosexuality, but because he could sell us out again. He could come here, take notes and find another buyer for another story. I won’t let that type of intrusion happen again.

My son is their latest homosexual “trophy.” What they aren’t telling — and this grieves me to the core — is that his life is in shambles: He was recently arrested for DWI; he’s writing bad checks on a closed bank account; he dropped out of school a year ago; he doesn’t have a job; he bounces from house to house; he’s racked-up huge bills for friends and family that he cannot pay; he’s been taken to court by former friends to get money he owes them; he’s lied to friends, saying his “famous dad” was going to send money to pay his debts; and he has a trail of wrecked friendships and family relationships because of deceit, money fraud and crossed boundaries — a mirror image of the home he was in from his birth until he was 8.

I am a father in anguish; my son is a young man in crisis who needs intervention, not heady interviews with CNN. Out magazine is despicable for exploiting my son for their political agenda. If my son is their latest “hero,” I wonder how many of their leaders and trophies they portray as “model citizens” have lives that are this unraveled.

Randall Terry is founder of the pro-life organization Operation Rescue.

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