Friday, September 24, 2004

Nobles: Pajama-wearing bloggers, for declaring to the mainstream media that there’s a new sheriff in town.

They did it to former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, former New York Times Editor Howell Raines, the BBC, John Kerry’s Vietnam record, and now they’re doing it to CBS News and Dan Rather. They are the Web log writers, “bloggers” for short, who, with little more than a computer, modem and a conscience, have shaken the political world, and the media that covers it, with an amazing record of scoops, forcing in many cases resignations of very important people. And they did it all, according to a former “60 Minutes” executive, while “sitting in [their] living room in [their] pajamas.”

The executive intended the pajama remark to be a slur. Instead, it has become a badge of honor among the so-called “pajamahadeen,” as one blogger has designated himself and his peers. And the remark revealed an all-too-common misconception among the media elite: These bloggers are amateurs, hacks, “partisan political operatives,” no match for the tried and true ways of Mr. Rather and CBS News. Well, the country has seen where such arrogance gets you. The lesson of the “pajamahadeen” is this: Ignore us at your peril, politicians and elite media.

A few honorary mentions are in order: Jim Geraghty of Kerry Spot (; Ed Morrissey of; Glenn Reynolds of; the writers of and; the writers and editors of; and the ever-vigilant

For their dogged pursuit of the truth in line with the honored tradition of American journalism, the bloggers are the Nobles of the week.

Knaves: Sen. John Kerry, for pushing a baseless “position” — and managing to tie it to (surprise) Vietnam.

Finally, the Democratic presidential candidate has put forth an un-nuanced, non-flip-floppy message. Speaking at a rally in Florida Mr. Kerry said, “I will tell you this: I will not re-instate the draft.”

Whew, what a relief. No need to waste wondering when one of the candidates would weigh in on such a relevant issue. Despite his resolve, Mr. Kerry isn’t so sure about his opponent. “If George Bush were re-elected — given the way that he has gone about this war, and given that avoidance of responsibility in North Korea, Iran and other places — it is possible [that he would re-instate the draft],” Mr. Kerry said.

It’s also a safe bet that Mr. Kerry wouldn’t re-instate slavery. Mr Bush, on the other hand … well, don’t be so sure.

For acting like a candidate with nothing left to say, Mr. Kerry is the Knave of the week.

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