Wednesday, April 13, 2005

No apologies

“Jane Fonda … in a series of print and broadcast interviews, has attempted once again to explain why she gave aid and comfort to America’s North Vietnamese adversaries in 1972.

“To explain, but not to apologize. One of the Baby Boomers’ favorite novels was ‘Love Story,’ which counseled that ‘Love means never having to say you’re sorry.’ Jane Fonda hasn’t learned much about love or repentance, probably because she has spent the last 40 years studying only one thing: herself. …

“On ‘60 Minutes,’ Fonda told Lesley Stahl that she regretted being photographed among the North Vietnamese with an anti-aircraft gun, but that she did not regret her radio broadcasts on behalf of the enemy. … She claims that she did not ask American pilots to disobey orders, only ‘to consider’ not bombing North Vietnam. She refuses to apologize for her role in spreading enemy propaganda.”

Paul Beston, writing on “The Fonda Syndrome,” Monday in the American Spectator Online at

Unreasonable demand

“The demand that the government be neutral among family forms is unreasonable. The reality is that married-couple families and childless people are providing subsidies to those parents who dissolve their marriages or who never form marriages. … A culture full of people who violate their contracts at every possible opportunity cannot be held together by legal institutions. …

“Likewise, a society full of people who treat sex as a purely recreational activity, a child as a consumer good and marriage as a glorified roommate relationship will not be able to resist the pressures for a vast social assistance state. The state will irresistibly be drawn into parental quarrels and into providing a variety of services for the well-being of the children. …

“Fairness and freedom do not demand sexual and parental license. Minimum-government libertarianism needs a robust set of social institutions. If marriage isn’t a necessary social institution, then nothing is. And if there are no necessary social institutions, then the individual truly will be left to face the state alone. A free society needs marriage.”

Jennifer Roback Morse, writing on “Marriage and the Limits of Contract,” in the April-May issue of Policy Review

Muppet culture

“The news has hit some hard since the announcement that, this season on ‘Sesame Street,’ Cookie Monster will begin leading a healthier lifestyle. The trademark ‘me love cookie’ may soon be replaced with ‘me adore salad.’

“A somewhat healthier Cookie Monster is in response to the growing obesity rate among young people in the United States. Apparently the literacy rate isn’t a concern, because Cookie Monster’s English remains atrocious….

“The Cookie Monster’s cutting back on the tiny chocolate chip cholesterol discs comes a couple of years after the South African version of ‘Sesame Street’ introduced a puppet named ‘Kami’ who is HIV positive. …

“Over time, as the characters continue to parallel society, and, in some cases, where the producers feel society should be, we could see all sorts of things happening on the show. ‘Sesame Street’ is concerned with real-world reflection, and who understands the real world more than an organization that makes millions on merchandising and yet still receives public funding?”

Doug Powers, writing on “‘Sesame Street’ tosses its cookies,” Monday in WorldNetDaily at

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