Thursday, February 17, 2005

How often should your wipers be changed for the safest of driving? Several manufacturers make wiper blades. While most still recommend replacement every six months, several claim to make blades that last much longer.

Remember that how often you use your wiper blades is not a measurement of how fast they wear out.

Hot sun and cold freezing days do the harm that leads to inefficient and unsafe wiper blades.

One recent new blade claiming a much longer life comes from Specialty Silicone Products whose line of windshield wipers feature a unique silicone rubber blade coated with a durable nonstick coating.

Its patented process produces a windshield wiper that is guaranteed unconditionally by the company to last for five years. While the blades cost more than $20 each, they still would be a bargain if they do indeed last five years.

And complementing the five-year longevity, they come in color.

Branded “SilBlade” and “Ultra SilBlade,” these wipers come with standard black metal frames and a variety of colored blades (SilBlade), or metal frames painted to match the blade color, including a unique “carbon fiber” coating (Ultra SilBlade).

The patented silicone rubber blade incorporates a PTFE nonstick coating both on and in the blade itself. SilBlade wipers are unconditionally guaranteed for five years.

The five-year warranty on the blade is due to the nature of the silicone rubber, which withstands ozone, the “killer” of ordinary rubber windshield blades.

For more information on this five-year blade, go to or contact Specialty Silicone Products, 3 McCrea Hill Road, Corporate Technology Park, Ballston Spa, N.Y. 12020, or phone 518/885-8826.

Remember, a clear view through a clean windshield is a must for safe driving.

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