Saturday, April 29, 2006

We continue seeing a flood of illegal immigration because the Democrats want their votes and the Republicans want their cheap labor. The current ploy is to demand a “comprehensive” solution, which of course assures nothing will ever be done. Our “leaders” are unwilling to control our borders until we have a disaster that will make September 11, 2001, look like a Sunday School picnic.

Common sense tells us to immediately do what is obviously required: Seal our borders to stop the problem from getting even worse.

The second step should be to change our laws so illegal aliens’ children no longer obtain automatic U.S. citizenship. The U.S. citizenship of their children makes it virtually impossible to expel the illegals.

The third step should require every illegal alien to carry a “smart card” ID difficult if not impossible to counterfeit. The penalty for not carrying such a card should be jail time and/or immediate expulsion. The card should explicitly state it is for identification purposes only and does not authorize residence in the United States. The card would make it easier to distinguish between honest working people and criminals, gang members, and terrorists.

Once we have these urgent problems under control, we can work out practical plans for utilizing guest workers, facilitating legal immigration and permitting resident illegals to earn U.S. citizenship. But there is no real urgency about solving these problems.

We need not worry too much about the illegals already here, as long as they earn an honest living and stay out of trouble. Most certainly we should not harass the businesses that employ them, since the alternative is more crime, homelessness and welfare. Most illegals will work hard at low pay, simply because they are most afraid of expulsion. Only those who choose a life of crime really must be expelled from our country.


Vienna, Va.

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