Thursday, May 10, 2007

As the end-of-the-quarter mad dash for cash approached its frenzied peak, Bill Clinton e-mailed supporters beseeching them to donate to Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential campaign before March 31. It was all about momentum as Mrs. Clinton sought an incalculable advantage by achieving a sense of inevitability. “The report her campaign files will set the tone for the rest of the year,” Mr. Clinton said in the e-mail, “and it is absolutely critical to her success.” After she collected a phenomenal $10 million during a single week late in March in the year before the presidential election, Mrs. Clinton’s hometown liberal newspaper, the New York Daily News, acknowledged the feat in an article headlined, “Hil Shakes Money Tree for $10 million. Big-Bucks Week a Record, Leaves Dem Foes in Dollar Daze.”

In the end, Mrs. Clinton, the front-running Democrat, outraised Sen. Barack Obama in the crucial first-quarter fund-raising primary by a mere $300,000 ($26 million vs. $25.7 million). It turns out that Mrs. Clinton would actually have suffered a crushing psychological defeat were it not for the $800,000 she collected at a March 31 fund-raiser hosted by hip-hop star Timbaland in Florida. That might explain her refusal so far to return the money.

As it happens, Timbaland is one of the most foul-mouthed, culture-debasing, misogynistic rappers in the country. He incessantly uses the word “ho” — short for whore — to describe women, and the rest of Timbaland’s lyrics are so filthy and culturally debasing (including a fixation with the N-word) they cannot be reprinted here. Mrs. Clinton’s steadfast refusal to distance herself from such a reprehensible reprobate illustrates a degree of hypocrisy that is breathtaking to behold.

After Don Imus callously referred to the Rutgers University women’s basketball team as “nappy-headed hos,” Mrs. Clinton took umbrage. In a petition drive she started two weeks after the Timbaland fund-raiser, she denounced Mr. Imus’ comments as “small-minded bigotry and coarse sexism.” At a speech she later delivered at Rutgers, she asked, “Will you be willing to speak up and say, ‘Enough is enough,’ when women or minorities or the powerless are marginalized or degraded?”

The Family Research Council mobilized an e-mail campaign demanding that the Clinton campaign return the $800,000 from the Timbaland fund-raiser. In a subsequent telephone conversation with the council’s Tom McClusky, Clinton volunteer coordinator Ron Schneider unleashed a profanity-laden tirade that made Mr. Imus meek and mild by comparison. Needless to say, Mrs. Clinton hypocritically refuses to return the $800,000, apparently believing that every penny of it will be needed to beat back the impressive challenge to her once-sought inevitability. For her, when it comes to both dollars and hypocrisy, enough is never enough.

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