Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Cindy Sheehan-inspired dingbats descending on the city this weekend are infinitely more outraged by a pair of panties being placed on the head of a virgin-seeking terrorist than by a virgin-seeking terrorist placing a steak knife to the neck of an infidel, while chanting, “Praise be to Allah.”

This passes as a thoughtful position on the part of the losers, nut jobs, socialists, communists and revolutionaries aligned with ANSWER, Code Pink and the loony left of Hollywood.

All they are saying is give a suicide bomber a chance. These wackos live with a conundrum. As much as they hate America, they refuse to leave it. By the way, Alec Baldwin‘s private jet is still parked on the tarmac. He apparently is too busy cussing out his daughter to make good on his long-ago vow to leave the United States in the event of George Bush taking up residence in the White House. Mr. Baldwin no doubt is carbon-neutral, not unlike every other fuel-guzzling phony on the left. Plant a tree. Cop a ride on a private jet.

This should be taken as a warning to the innocents who live in the region and the unlucky tourists who planned a vacation at the same time the nitwits of the nation planned a celebration of their insanity. Stay away from the downtown part of the city if it is at all possible. The start of the Million Nitwit March is Saturday.

Fortunately, the nitwits will be blunted in part by the pro-America, pro-soldier, pro-victory group known as the Gathering of Eagles. It is a shame that we live in an upside-down time, when it is necessary to have a group pointing out that we live in the best nation in the world, period, and that millions of poor souls want to come here and nowhere else. The legal immigration numbers tabulated around the globe each year are not even close. What does that tell you about our concededly imperfect nation?

It tells you we are so fat, so soft, so intellectually inept that too many of us do not even understand how good we have it.

Sorry. Forgot. That view is, like, so not hip in Hollywood. It is far more enlightening and patriotic to make movies that ridicule our troops.

No word on whether Tim Robbins will show up to lend his expertise on the number of Iraqi civilians who have died in the war. Wonder if Mr. Robbins starts heaving and sobbing whenever he sees the black-and-white footage of Dresden after we employed our version of urban renewal on it in World War II.

We were a serious people then. We were a people who instinctively understood that sometimes war is the answer, as thousands of years of history show.

The nitwits certainly have the support of Osama bin Laden, who has asked all Americans to convert to Islam.

Perhaps Sean Penn will be on hand to add his deep insights on the human condition. He has a million of them, some more ridiculous than others.

After visiting with the ever-lovable Hugo Chavez this summer, Mr. Penn said: “I think we are past the point in human evolution where there’s such a thing as winning wars.”

This is the same person who was granted a California permit to carry a handgun because of his concerns with a disgruntled ex-employee.

Sean, I think we are past the point in human evolution where there’s such a thing as needing a gun to protect yourself.

These nitwits call President Bush every vile name their vocabularies can manage before breaking bread with various dictators.

The nitwits never grasp how fundamentally obtuse these actions are. If they ever felt an urge to call these dictators by the choice names they reserve for Mr. Bush, they would be marched to the nearest wall and put out of their misery.

They make me sick.

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