Friday, May 15, 2009


While we focus on Afghanistan, Pakistan is being destabilized at an alarming rate, and the consequences could prove catastrophic to ourselves and the whole civilized world before we know it.

Consider these possibilities:

(1) Fearing a Taliban takeover, corrupt Pakistani officials panic and secretly sell nuclear weapons to Iran or al Qaeda for personal profit. Israel’s current preparations for an attack on Iran make such a prospect all the more likely.

(2) The Taliban clandestinely or overtly gain control of several of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons for its use or sell them to Iran or al Qaeda.

Any way you look at it, events are spinning out of our control quickly, especially with Israel almost certain to soon destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities and very possibly much more.

Not only may Iran launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike on Israel, but anticipating a U.S. retaliatory strike, it could also hit the United States with a pre-emptive electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack at the same time.

According to the congressionally authorized EMP Commission, such an attack, launched by firing one or more nuclear tipped missiles from a freighter and detonating them 200 miles above our heartland, could kill 70 percent to 90 percent of the U.S. population within a year from starvation and disease. The EMP effect would knock out most of our computers, shutting down our electric power grid and water pumps along with most everything that relies on electronics to operate.

Virtually overnight most of our country would be put back into the early 19th century. Given the messianic, apocalyptic mentality of the radical Islamics, this is, indeed, a very real prospect.

So instead of deluding ourselves that our dangerously naive president can somehow wave a magic wand over fanatically zealous radical Islamics who are determined to destroy the Great Satan, we must immediately present not only Pakistan, but also Iran and North Korea this ultimatum:

In exchange for a hefty aid package, allow the internationally supervised destruction of any and all nuclear weapons and facilities, along with ongoing foolproof inspections, or we will destroy them together with any retaliatory capabilities we deem necessary.

And let it be known that if our ultimatum is rejected and any retaliation to our attacks occurs, we will inflict catastrophic damage on the offender’s infrastructure and military with the goal of forcing regime change.

Let everyone understand that our very survival as a modern nation is in grave peril and we will take any and all actions necessary to ensure our survival. Respecting the so-called sovereign rights of nations cannot even be a consideration when they pose a menace to our national security. Nor can Pakistan’s professed need to be able to counter India’s nuclear capabilities, especially since India threatens no one.

Also let us realize that negotiations at this point are not a rational option, for they have no realistic prospect of success and would only provide our adversaries a golden opportunity to strike first, just as the Japanese did at Pearl Harbor.

In this nuclear age, there is no margin for miscalculation. We simply cannot risk a nuclear doomsday in reliance on the good faith of ruthless killers who are the devil incarnate.

Let us recognize that the consequences of our pre-emptive actions, however serious they may be, in no way threaten our own survival and are not even on the radar screen when compared to the very likely outcome of our inaction.

America must wake up and stop being taken in by President Obama’s Triple A crowd of apologists, appeasers and accommodators of our mortal enemies. The Triple A’s would gamble our very survival on their foolhardy dreams of defying all recorded history to achieve brotherly love and world peace through an irrational and nonsensical display of weakness, blind trust and undeserved respect for those sworn to destroy us.

Such meek and cowering behavior by the world’s superpower can only serve to further embolden and convince the Adolf Hitlers of the world that the United States is no longer willing to pay the price for being the master of its own destiny. In their eyes, the time may never be better to do their deadly deed before the unclenched fist of Mr. Obama is swept aside by another Ronald Reagan in the White House.

Roger Chapin is founder and president of Make America Safe, a new policy and educational organization in San Diego that focuses on the threat posed by radical Islamics to U.S. national security.

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