- The Washington Times - Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The left has the power of Hollywood to push its skewed morality onto the rest of the nation. Parents struggle to keep their children from learning from TV, movies and toys what is right and wrong, good and bad, appropriate and inappropriate. Unfortunately, there is always another liberal trying to foist bad morals on our children.

In a column in the widely-read Huffington Post, Joy Martin-Malone, argues that men dressed in women’s clothes are better role models for young girls than Disney princess dolls. The mother of twin daughters writes that she pushes her children to model themselves after drag queens because “they are artists. They are able to conceptualize an idea and transform themselves — without the help of magic.”

Ms. Martin-Malone says that the Disney characters have a negative impact on young girls because they don’t work, don’t show enough ethnic diversity and don’t have a sense of humor. 

She writes that Disney princesses are “a man-made franchise created to sell cheaply made [stuff] to our daughters. They are a perpetuation of the stereotype of the weak, dumb woman who obediently waits for a man to come along and make her valuable.”

Essentially, she slams the dolls for being exactly what they are — models of royalty in the fairy tales that have been read to little girls at bedtime for a hundred years.

On the other hand, the drag queens she worships are an oddity only found in liberal big cities. These sexually confused men put on wigs, insert false breasts, gobs of makeup, heels and dresses to appear to be over-the-top versions of real woman.

Drag queens appeal to the gay community and perhaps women looking for an amusing night on the town. The are not — not — role models for children.

Little girls are fully capable of understanding the difference between the realm of pretend and reality. Disney princesses play a role in stories that help girls fantasize and play-act, which is part of childhood development. Drag queens are real men who are baffled with their sexuality and have no place in a child’s world.

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