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Former Alaska Gov. and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin blasted Nancy Pelosi, saying in a scathing Facebook post that the California Democrat cares more for the illegal children pouring across the border than she does for the unborn in America.

“Pelosi spoke highly of illegal immigrants storming our U.S. border, including the children being used and abused in this crisis, and said America needs to look at this as an ‘opportunity,’ not a crisis,” Mrs. Palin wrote, Breitbart reported. “She proclaimed, ‘every child, every person, has a spark of divinity in them and is therefore worthy of respect’ because we are ‘all God’s children.’ How sincere is this politician’s concern?”

Mrs. Palin said that Mrs. Pelosi didn’t express nearly as much concern for the unborn in America, despite her Catholic teachings that ban abortion.

“Never seen as a pro-child/pro-life advocate with respect for that sacred ‘spark of divinity’ in every innocent human life in the womb, Mrs. Pelosi often touts her Catholic faith but overlooks this doctrine her church has preached for 2,000 years,” Mrs. Palin said. “Hopefully, she’s changed her tune on the issue of life — in which case, I’m sure she’ll invite those who understand the impact a culture of life can have on America to use her new, refreshing advocacy statement.”

Mrs. Palin went on to paint Mrs. Pelosi in hypocritical light.

“Cynics — or those of us living in reality — recognize typical liberal hypocrisy here,” with Mrs. Pelosi’s words, Mrs. Palin wrote, Breitbart reported. “But then again, we can hope this is revelation of a profound Pelosi political conversion! Though I won’t hold my breath.”

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